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We want to support parents and their children in discovering the world together, so we offer products at an affordable price that combine high quality, best technical solutions and modern design.


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We take care of every detail to ensure the safety of children and the opportunity for parents to be always close to them. Thanks to this our commitment is continuously appreciated by prizes!


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See how you can discover the world together! Get advice and valuable tips that will help all parents in their daily challenges.


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Kinderkraft products are...

KINDERKRAFT - the best prams

Toys and clothes strewn everywhere, a pushchair that squeaks, another high chair and bike to buy... you know the story! The life of a parent isn't easy, but it can be easier thanks to Kinderkraft. That's why we make products that combine many functions to make parents' lives simpler. Imagine simpler trips outside the city, easier pushchair steering between store shelves, effortless cleaning of the high chair when your child is learning to eat independently, and pleasant learning through play. Our products are designed to make your life more pleasant, so that can enjoy even-better family time.We focus on trust, safety and quality.

Thanks to Kinderkraft, you can have support during the beautiful period of parenthood! Based on our own experience, we've created children's products that are loved by both parents and little ones alike!

What do we offer?

  • Pushchairs – comfortable, lightweight and easy-to-manoeuvre 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 pushchairs.
  • Car seats – safe, tested, comfortable and durable.
  • Bikes – tricycles, balance bikes and bikes that grow with your child.
  • Travel cots and co-sleeper cots – lightweight, easy to assemble travel cots and convenient, safe co-sleeper cots for infants.
  • High chairs – foldable, durable and, most importantly, easy to clean.
  • Educational mats – sturdy and beautiful contrasting mats, educational mats and ones that can be used as a dry pool.
  • Rockers – 5-in-1 rockers for infants and bouncers with a rocking function.
  • Ergonomic carriers – tested for safety and compliance with European Safety Standards (CEN TR). They hold the HIP Displasia certification.
  • Children's furniture – beautiful, functional and roomy wooden furniture that will help you keep your little one's room neat and tidy.

We know that your child's safety and comfort are the most important things to you. That's why we offer products that meet all of your needs.

We know parents' needs. At Kinderkraft, we satisfy our customers' expectations in terms of comfort, safety and functionality. We also meet the needs of youngsters, who expect our accessories to be easy to play with and comfortable.

All products in our online store are created based on many years of experience of our employees. We use materials that are not only safe for children, but also functional and look great. Our children's products undergo stringent quality testing. Trust, safety and quality – that's exactly what Kinderkraft products are!

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