Multifunctional stroller 3-in-1

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  • Seat 2-in-1: carrycot and stroller
  • MINK seat included in the set
  • Large, inflatable and shock-absorbing wheels
  • Ventilated hood
  • Large adjustment range: seat, hood, belts, and handlebar for the parent

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Ruszamy w świat!

New, improved version of the cult MOOV model

Multifunctional stroller for children from day 1, up to 22 kg: a carrycot, a stroller, and a car seat in one. It will be an ideal tool both in travel and in urban conditions (e.g. when shopping). The product meets the latest safety standards. It has an excellent four-wheel shock absorbing mechanism, 8 positions for the parent's handlebar, and two seat positions (facing forward or backward) for super comfort when strolling.

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - Seat 2-in-1: a carrycot and a stroller

Seat 2-in-1: a carrycot and a stroller

It only takes three moves to turn the carrycot into a stroller - so you can easily and quickly change the function of the stroller, while walking or over time. This way, XMOOV will accompany your Baby for many years, and you won't have to worry about the space to store an extra seat.

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - 4 inflatable wheels with shock absorption

4 inflatable wheels with shock absorption

The large inflatable wheels (20 and 30 cm) with shock absorption are durable, abrasion-resistant, and guarantee excellent grip to the ground, thus providing a high level of travel comfort, even on the most difficult terrain.

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - Adjustable parent's handlebar

Adjustable parent's handlebar

The parent’s handlebar can be set in up to eight positions, which guarantees comfort for people of different sizes. The handlebar has a pleasant eco-leather cover.

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - Two directions of travel

Two directions of travel

The stroller has two options of configuring its position: facing forward or backward. This way, the Toddler can stay in visual contact with their parent or enjoy the view during the stroll.

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - 3 positions of the seat

3 positions of the seat

The seat features a 3-stage, easy-to-use, handlebar-adjustable seat. With a single movement, you can change the position of the seat to lying, half-sitting, and seated. Simple as that!

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - Travel System

Travel System

The set comes with the adapters you can use to mount the MINK seat in the frame or any other compatible car seat. This will be a particularly useful feature, when travelling and wherever space and time savings are an issue: on shopping or during a quick trip to the city.

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - Simple folding action

Simple folding action

The 2-in-1 seat is easy to dismantle and the frame can be folded and transported comfortably. It will certainly not unfold by itself in transport, as it is protected by a safety mechanism!

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - Ventilated canopy

Ventilated canopy

The hood features a special mesh, which guarantees additional ventilation and a view of the toddler. And when it's cold, you can cover it with some material.

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - Enlarged hood

Enlarged hood

The hood is deep and can be enlarged in one movement, thus guaranteeing maximum protection against adverse weather conditions. It also features a retractable canopy to protect against the sun.

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - A carry bag with accessories included

A carry bag with accessories included

The set comes with a capacious, fashionable MOMMY BAG, which will hold everything you will need for a walk, together with universal handles to suspend it from the parent's handlebar and a tourist changing table. The modern design and the shopper bag style make the bag look great when worn on the shoulder

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - 5-point safety harness

5-point safety harness

The 5-point adjustable harness ensures that your child is safe and comfortable, thanks to the soft pads and crotch pads. The soft pads can be easily removed for cleaning, and the belts can be adjusted in height, as the child grows.

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - Practical accessories

Practical accessories

The set contains everything you need to keep your child comfortable, when strolling in different weather conditions: a mosquito net, a rain shield, and a footmuff. And thanks to the cup holder, you can always have coffee or tea ready at hand!

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - Detachable safety bow

Detachable safety bow

The bow can be rotated 360 degrees to allow the toddler to be placed freely in the stroller. You can detach the bow from one or both sides, as required, for maximum comfort. The eco-leather cover can be removed for cleaning - no need to worry about stains!

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - A capacious, detachable basket

A capacious, detachable basket

The basket has a capacity of up to 4 kg, so it will hold everything! Additionally, it provides convenient access to the content from any side you want. It can be removed for cleaning and easily fastened back again (e.g. when you want to shake out the sand after coming back from the beach).

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - Hood window

Hood window

The window in the hood allows eye contact with the child, which gives them a sense of security and makes it easier to take care of the Toddler during every stroll.

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - Straight-ahead interlock

Straight-ahead interlock

The inflatable front wheels are extremely manoeuvrable and capable of a full 360-degree rotation. If the surface is uneven, they can be locked for straightforward driving to ensure comfort. Thanks to the shock absorbers installed over each of the wheels, the ride is smooth and comfortable.

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - Stop & Ride brake

Stop & Ride brake

This model of brake is definitely shoe-friendly! Press on the lever from above to activate or release it. There is no risk of damaging or soiling the shoe. The brake is located in the middle of the rear axle, which eliminates the risk of hitting against it, while pushing.

Durable materials


The steel frame is strong and resistant to damage.

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - steel frame

Linen melange polyester

The footmuff is made of durable, non-sensitizing, and quick-drying polyester, which is easy to maintain and clean.

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - Linen melange polyester


The inflatable rubber wheels are ideal for a tougher terrain: they absorb shocks, have a more efficient tread, and provide enhanced grip.

Multifunctional stroller 3in1 XMOOV - inflatable rubber wheels


  • Brand: Kinderkraft
  • Model: XMOOV
  • Weight of the frame: 8,5 kg
  • Weight of the carrycot: 5,5 kg
  • Weight of the seat: 3,3 kg
  • Diameter of the front wheel: 20 cm; of the rear wheel: 30 cm
  • Width of the rear axle: 60 cm
  • Carrycot’s dimensions: length 90 cm, width 40 cm, depth 22 cm
  • Stroller's dimensions: backrest length 44 cm, backrest width 32 cm, seat width 32 cm, seat depth 22 cm, footrest height 20 cm, footrest width 30 cm, footrest for an older child: width 6 cm, length 28 cm
  • Folded frame: height 42 cm, width: 65 cm (62 cm without the cup holder), length 75 cm
  • Unfolded frame: height 92-116 cm (range of adjustment of the parent's handlebar), width 60 cm (with the wheels), length: 110 cm (with the carrycot in place)
  • Mink seat: Height: 37-54 cm, Width: 45 cm, Length: 64 cm
  • Bag: width: 53 cm, height 29 cm (+ handlebar 16 cm)
  • Changing table: folded: 20 x 37 cm, unfolded: 37 x 56 cm
  • Standards:: ECE 44/04 for the MINK seat
  • The set includes: MOMMY BAG, a tourist changing table, bag hooks, a cup holder, a mosquito net, a rain shield, a footmuff, seat adapters
  • Cardboard / packing dimensions: 52 x 46 x 75 cm / 19,1 kg
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 2 years (10 years after registering on website)



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