5-in-1 tricycle

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  • 360° swivel seat
  • Modular frame – grows with the child
  • Waterproof hood made of UPF50+ fabric
  • Adjustable distance between the seat and pedals

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Turn every walk into an exciting adventure!

SPINSTEP is a 5-in-1 tricycle. Thanks to the modular frame, it's easy to adapt it to your child's skills. You can turn everyday walks into amazing, exciting and fun adventures. SPINSTEP is a great alternative to a stroller, which means you can actively spend time outdoors from when your child is nine months old.

Kinderkraft SPINSTEP

5-in-1 tricycle

The SPINSTEP tricycle has a modular frame. This means you can easily remove individual elements without using any tools, and so adapt the trike to your child's improving skills. SPINSTEP will accompany your child both on their first birthday and their first independent ride!

Kinderkraft SPINSTEP

Stroller alternative

SPINSTEP is a great alternative to a stroller. The soft seat swivels 360 degrees and can be installed facing towards or away from the direction of travel. You can actively spend time with your child even if they don't want to take their eyes off you.

Kinderkraft SPINSTEP

Waterproof hood

The SPINSTEP tricycle has a large, extendable and waterproof hood. It's made of UPF50+ material. This means that the hood will protect your little one against both the rain and the hot sun.

Kinderkraft SPINSTEP

Adjustable seat distance

SPINSTEP's seat is adjustable so that it'll last your child for even longer. If your little one can't quite reach the pedals yet, all you need to do is move the seat a little closer to the handlebar. And when they get older, you can move it back using the knob.

Kinderkraft SPINSTEP

Safe riding

The soft seat has an adjustable three-point safety harness with pads. The tricycle also feature an easy-to-use guard rail that opens from the front. You'll also have easy access to two brakes on the rear wheels.

Kinderkraft SPINSTEP

Free wheel function

The SPINSTEP tricycle has been designed with great fun and safety in mind – it's equipped with the free wheel function. This means that you can disconnect the drive of the front wheel from the pedals – your little one can pedal vigorously, but you remain in control of the speed.

Kinderkraft SPINSTEP

Foldable footrest

When your youngster gets tired from their quick pedalling, you don't have to carry them! All you need to do is unfold the footrest so that your child can comfortably rest their feet. Your little one can relax while still enjoying the surroundings.

Kinderkraft SPINSTEP

Maintenance-free, durable wheels

The wheels don't require pumping. They're large and are great both on forest trails and for city activities.

Kinderkraft SPINSTEP

Adjustable parent handle

SPINSTEP also provides comfort for parents – the handle is finished with foam that's pleasant to the touch and ensures a firm grip. Because of the three-point adjustment, it's easy to tailor to your height.

Kinderkraft SPINSTEP

Easy to fold

The trike is great for walks, and when it's time for a different type of playing, SPINSTEP can easily be folded, carried and put away into a wardrobe, because it's compact when folded. In addition, the folding function makes it easy to take on trips.

Kinderkraft SPINSTEP

Two practical baskets

The SPINSTEP tricycle features two baskets (a large one at the rear, and a smaller one at the front) to fit all your child's items that you need to take on your walk.

Kinderkraft SPINSTEP

Handy accessories

The set also includes a bag that you can hang on the parent handle. In addition, SPINSTEP also comes with a loud bell and cup holder that attaches to the handle.

Rowerek trójkołowy Kinderkraft Spinstep


Waterproof polyester

The hood is waterproof and is made of UPF50+ material

Rowerek trójkołowy Kinderkraft Spinstep - łatwy w czyszczeniu poliester


The frame is sturdy, durable and resistant to intensive use.

Rowerek trójkołowy Kinderkraft Easytwist - rama ze stopu magnezu

PU wheels

The PU wheels are maintenance free, durable and ideal for all types of surfaces.

Rowerek trójkołowy Kinderkraft Spinstep - nieprzebijalne koła


  • Brand: Kinderkraft
  • Model: SPINSTEP
  • Unfolded bike dimensions: Length: 106 cm
    Height: 103 cm
    Width: 50,5 cm
  • Folded bike dimensions: Length: 71,5 cm
    Height: 56 cm
    Width: 51 cm
  • Wheels (diameter): Front: 24,5 cm
    Rear: 21 cm
  • Seat dimensions: Width: 17,5 cm
    Depth: 14 cm
  • Adjustment of parent handle: 3 positions
    93-108 cm
  • Seat: Width: 32 cm
    Height: 50 cm
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • For children: from 9 months to 5 years
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