Balance bike

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  • Lightweight magnesium frame
  • Inflatable, ball-bearing wheels with shock absorption
  • Seat adjustment (33-42 cm)
  • Retro design

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Ruszamy w świat!

Lightweight bike in retro style

A balance bike is the best way to help you learn how to ride a bike: it develops the sense of balance and the ability to manoeuvre. RAPID attracts attention with its design, pastel colours and refined details. Light weight and durability in one!

Lightweight and durable frame

The magnesium alloy frame is lightweight and made from a single cast for better appearance and durability.

Inflatable, ball-bearing wheels

12-inch, inflatable and ball-bearing wheels ensure a smooth ride on any terrain. They are designed with the youngest users in mind, so they do not have any small parts.

Only 3.75 kg

The structure is so light that the child can easily carry the bike on his or her own.

Adjustable saddle

Comfortable, ergonomic saddle “grows” with the child, because it has a wide height adjustment range: 33-42 cm.

Limited handlebar angle

According to safety standards, the handlebar has a limited range of movement, which protects the child from falling when turning.

Rubber handles

Thanks to the rubber handles, the handlebar will not slip out of your child’s hands during manoeuvres. The colour of the rubber imitates leather and harmonises with the saddle.

Retro design

Design lovers will appreciate the retro style line, well thought-out details and colours. Handles and saddle in a natural leather tone look very stylish.

Lightweight, high quality materials


Rubber handles are comfortable
and non-slip.


The ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy
frame makes the bike easy to ride.


Steel front fork is durable
and resistant to damage

Rubber, inflatable wheels

Durable and wear-resistant inflatable
wheels are made of rubber.


  • Brand: Kinderkraft
  • Model: RAPID
  • Age range: From 2 years of age (or from 80 cm tall) to 35 kg
  • Weight: 3,75 kg
  • Handle width:39 cm
  • Height:53 cm
  • Width:85 cm
  • Saddle height:33-42 cm
  • Minimum frame height:
    17 cm
  • Wheel diameter:30 cm
  • Max. weight of child:35 kg
  • Chemical and mechanical safety of the product confirmed by the renowned Intertek laboratory. Product tested and approved in accordance with the European safety standards EN 71-1.
  • The set includes: Bell
  • Cardboard / packaging dimensions:
    71 x 16,5 x 32 cm
  • Manufacturer’s warranty:
    2 years



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