Prams and Pushchairs

Prams and Pushchairs

One of the necessary elements of each layette is a pushchair. Without it going out for a walk or shopping is practically impossible. A pushchair – especially a multifunctional one, like a 3-in-1, is bought for years that's why it's good to think carefully about which model would meet the expectations of your child and yourself. What should you pay special attention to when buying a pushchair?

What kind of a pushchair should you buy?

Baby pushchairs can be divided into several types. Our offer includes:

  • strollers equipped with a seat and intended for seated infants from about 6 months of age. The INDY stroller is a typical one;
  • 2-in-1 pushchairs a set consisting of a universal frame and a separate carrycot and stroller. Universal adapters are added to some models. An example of such a pushchair is the VEO pushchair;
  • 3-in-1 pushchairs this solution, such as the PRIME 2020 pushchair, is additionally equipped with a car seat and adapters that allow the seat to be mounted on a frame.

When preparing for the birth of the baby, it’s best to choose a 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 pushchair (depending on whether you want to buy a car seat for newborns separately). For 3-in-1 solutions, you should keep in mind that an infant car seat also serves as a carrier and is easy to attach to the stroller frame when the baby falls asleep in the car and you want to go shopping, you won't have to wake the baby up to put it in the carrycot.

Multifunctional pushchairs are suitable for infants (carrycot) and for children, who are several years old (stroller). Depending on the pushchair model, the frame load can be up to 15 kg or even 22 kg (for the XMOOV pushchair). Buying a 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 pushchair saves both money and time. What else should you focus on when buying a pushchair?

  • The way you fold and unfasten the carrycot, size: this is very important when you are planning a lot of car trips. Poorly functioning mechanisms and too large a size can prove to be a serious problem.
  • Wheels and shock-absorption: shock-absorption, just like the material of the wheels, affects the ease of movement beyond hardened surfaces. Check whether the front wheels swivel 360 degrees and can be locked to ride straight.
  • Additional equipment: mosquito net, bag, rain cover, leg cover or cup holder. All these gadgets are very useful, and buying them separately can cost a lot of money!
  • Weight: the lighter the pushchair, the easier it is to transport and manoeuvre. Remember, however, that a low weight may mean that the pushchair is smaller in size. The exception to this are pushchairs with frames made of magnesium alloy.

Although the weight of a pushchair is an important feature, parents do not always give it proper attention. However, the belief that “two kilos make no difference” can be a very painful mistake – especially for the back. Lighter pushchairs are handier and can also be a salvation for people who live in a building without a lift.

Which stroller should I choose?

Multifunctional pushchairs are extremely useful, but when your child grows up and prefers to explore the world on their own, some parents decide to buy a classic stroller that can be folded up together with the seat. In this case, the following features are very important: ease of folding, the way the individual mechanisms work, wheel properties or the number of additional gadgets. Each Kinderkraft stroller is equipped with a soft seat as well as a five-point safety harness with pads. The harness is adjustable and a removable bar is also responsible for safety. Some models have tyres with shock absorbers (all wheels or only rear wheels), and the vast majority have lockable swivel wheels to ride straight. Each stroller in our offer can be folded up together with the seat (multifunctional models are an exception). Kinderkraft's offer includes lightweight strollers such as the NUBI or strollers for a more difficult terrain such as the ALL ROAD stroller.

A manoeuvrable, lightweight and comfortable baby pushchair is surely worth almost every penny. That is why it’s worth choosing a model that fits both your living conditions (in the case of small flats, it’s worth picking a pushchair with a carrycot, which turns into a stroller – as in the case of the MOOV model), as well as your child (a larger child will need a stroller with a deeper seat).

Choose multifunctional solutions from Kinderkraft that will allow you to fit the pushchair to both parents and their children!