A child’s best playground is the floor. This is where they can explore the world from a different perspective than from their parents’ arms. However, for a child to be completely safe, they must be given adequate space to develop their abilities. The educational mat from Kinderkraft will serve perfectly in this role. Not only will it provide your child with a comfortable place to play, but also it will enable them to exercise comfortably (e.g. raise their head, learn to crawl or stand up). Your baby doesn't like lying on the stomach? Encourage them to do so with one of our interesting educational mats!

Our offer encompasses both classic educational mats for children and educational foam mats. Our products are multifunctional – one of our bestsellers is the SMARTPLAY educational mat, which has raised sides and play balls in the package. It will serve your child from the first weeks of their life and will accompany them for the following months. Kinderkraft children's floor mats are made of materials that are easy to clean. Both colours and accessories encourage the child to lift their head and stretch their arms. Help your baby to develop through play!

Classical educational mats for infants

Educational mats for children have a positive influence on the development of a toddler. They support the child in both sensory and motor areas. It is an element of the layette that ensures development through play. This is especially important for young children, who learn new things every day. Educational mats are accompanied by toy bars – often they contain rustling or rattling elements as well as mirrors and soft, squeaky books. The bar can be detached, so such an educational mat will be ideal for babies who cannot yet reach with their arms. Kinderkraft's educational mats are extremely soft, so lying on the floor will not be unpleasant or painful for your baby. Removable toys will preoccupy your baby for longer and give you a few precious minutes to breathe. A contrasting educational mat with a mirror and wall (pets) will additionally develop the child's imagination and give parents a lot of inspiration to tell new stories.

Contrasting educational mats

The contrasting educational mat is recommended for all younger children. Newborns’ eyesight is about 30 times weaker than that of an adult. This is why contrasting colour combinations and large patterns are most interesting for children during the first weeks of their lives. At the very beginning toddlers eyesight is blurred – that's why pastel, tiny patterns blend into a single blurred spot for them. The educational foam mat with its contrasting colours will definitely be a great solution – the child will not only be able to stay on the floor and practice raising their head, but also will be curious to learn new shapes and colours. Products such as the LUNO foam floor mat for children provide complete insulation from the floor. They are soft, and in addition they provide support for the toddler and help them learn how to crawl and take their first steps.

Educational mats – when is it time to use them?

Parents often wonder what kind of a floor mat is best for their child and when they could begin using it. However, it all depends on the product – a puzzle mat is usually suitable for children from several months, while soft mats with playpen function and toy bars can be bought for children from the first weeks of their lives. Educational mats are made of safe materials, however they provide most developmental support to a child around the 4th month of their life. This is when a child starts becoming interested in toys hanging over their head or contrasting pictures.

If you are looking for an educational mat that will help your baby develop and give you a moment's rest, then browse through our offer of floor mats for children! You will definitely be able to choose the best model for you and your child.