Children's furniture

Children's furniture

Children need a space in which they'll feel nice and safe. Kinderkraft's children's furniture features warm colours, versatile and practical applications, as well as safe solutions. Our products stand out thanks to their functionality, high quality and beautiful design. Kinderkraft's unique solutions mean that the furniture will serve your child for many years. Would you like to create a fairytale space for your little one? Our furniture will allow you to design your child's room however you like! Our wide range includes practical wooden cots, wardrobes and cabinets, as well as toy chests. With Kinderkraft, everything is simpler!

Which furniture should you choose for a child's room?

The choice of furniture for a child's room depends on the style in which you'd like to design it. It's worth remembering that it's not only interior design trends that change, but also you youngster's tastes. That's why it's good to focus on versatile children's furniture in neutral colours, so that it can suit all sorts of interiors. At the same time, the furniture should have children's highlights to give your little one's room a warm look.

We offer children's furniture for small rooms – if you have a small space to work with, you should focus on functional solutions that will save you space. The roomy wardrobes, toy chests and cabinets with changing tables and 2-in-1 cots are just some of the products that we make. What do we offer?

Wooden cots

Sleep is crucial for children, as that's when they grow and develop. That's why your little one needs comfortable sleeping conditions. To help your child sleep well, we sell the highest quality wooden cots that'll not only be a beautiful decoration for the room, but also ensure your child is safe and peaceful while they sleep. We offer cots with or without a mattress, as well as 2-in-1 products – cots that can be transformed into a day bed for slightly older children, such as the MIA cot. Our wooden cots have three mattress levels and safe rungs – you get one piece of furniture that'll serve your child for many years. The highest level that the mattress can be positioned at is for newborns, the middle level is for older infants, and the lowest one is for children who are able to sit and stand up on their own.

When your youngster gets older and wants to get out of the cot independently, many of our pieces can have the side with rungs removed. To ensure the safety of our junior customers, we include a safety rail with these types of wooden cots. Kinderkraft offers cots with beautiful design. Our products are dominated by white, broken up by natural wood and greys, which perfectly match Scandinavian, minimalist and classic styles. They also have plenty of children's highlights. In addition, our products also feature high-quality finishes and rounded edges, so that you can have peace of mind when it comes to your little one's safety.

Wardrobes and cabinets

Versatile colours, safe materials, capacity, functionality and beautiful design in one product? Is this possible in furniture? Yes! These features describe Kinderkraft furniture. If your child's room is in chaos, with overflowing toy chests, and too many books to fit on the bookshelf, we have the perfect solution. We have beautiful cabinets and wardrobes in versatile Scandinavian style. They're roomy, practical, and will help you get the number of loose items in your child's room under control.

We offer furniture that's perfect for small rooms – if you don't have much space to play with, roomy, beautiful furniture that will help you gain some space is the perfect option. Our wardrobes and cabinets feature soft-close doors, while the bookshelf and toy chest are capacious enough to fit most of your child's toys. The perfect example of such a solution is our RACOON children's bookshelf with containers – it features a sturdy base and can be affixed to a wall to make it even safer. In addition, the bookshelf also has six containers and four shelves.

The wardrobes feature both shelves and rails – these solutions make storing children's dresses, sweaters, festive clothing and winter jackets a breeze. We know that organising space in a small room can be difficult, and that's why we focus on maximum functionality in all of our products.

Toy chests

If you're wondering which furniture to buy for a children's room, the racoon toy chest is a great start. The style will suit most interiors, and its dimensions and capacity will allow you to easily store your little one's toys and accessories. This type of children's furniture is perfect for small rooms, because the smaller the space, the easier it is to overwhelm it. That's why it's good to keep the room tidy, so that your child has more room to play.

The style of our furniture suits many interiors and products in the Kinderkraft range. If you're planning to design a room for a newborn or an older child, check out our beautiful educational mats that can easily be used as a soft and practical rug. Our products are not only practical, but will be a beautiful decorative piece for your child's room.