Car seats

Car seats

A car seat is one of the most important elements of a child's layette. It has a very important task to protect the child while travelling by car. However, a good car seat will only be safe if it fits the child and the car. In practice, this means that before buying, you must pay attention not only to the age, weight and height of your child, but also to the make and model of your car, as well as the angle of its seats. Also, check if the model you're looking for has passed crash testing. At Kinderkraft, for safety reasons, all car seats undergo specialist tests at the renowned Intertek laboratories in the Netherlands. What specific models can you find in our offer?

Car seats 0-13 kg

Car seats for infants 0-13 kg (ECE 0+) look like half of a nut shell. They are often attached to multi-purpose trolleys (3 in 1). It is a good first-rate seat for newborn babies and their parents, as it can be easily attached into the frame of the stroller with the use of adapters. They have a three-point safety harness, a reinforced shell, an extra insert for young children and a parent handle to carry comfortably. They can be used as a seat, carrier and the already mentioned stroller element. The MINK car seat is an example of this at Kinderkraft.

Car seats for infants and older children

Our 0+ category includes seats in the 0-28 kg and 0-36 kg categories, as well as all rearward-facing (RWF) seats. This includes the MYWAY 0-36 kg car seat. Kinderkraft car seats in this category allow rearward-facing transport of children up to 18 kg (RWF 0-18 kg). This position effectively protects the child in case of a collision. Our products are also very comfortable, thanks to which the toddler can travel comfortably – even during long hours of driving. Some models are equipped with ISOFIX and a TOP TETHER belt. When a child’s weight reaches 18 kg, the seat is mounted frontward with the car’s seatbelt.

Car seats 9-36 kg

Car seats 9-36 kg (ECE I/II/III) are designed for children from about a year up to about 12 years of age. These are products that last for years, because they grow with the child. In most models, the headrest and the belt height can be freely adjusted. In some of them – especially those from several categories at the same time – the seat's angle of inclination can be freely adjusted. In addition, the reinforced construction and breathable materials, which are pleasant to the touch, make Kinderkraft car seats not only safe but also very comfortable. One of the flagship products in this category is the ONETO3 9-36 kg car seat, which has successfully passed the ADAC, Stiftung Warentest and ÖAMTC tests.

Car seats 15-36 kg

Car seats 15-36 kg are designed for older children, who can already ride forward facing. They are equipped with guides on the sides of the shell to guide the shoulder part of the seat belt correctly. Our products also have reinforced headrests for additional protection of the child. A 15-36 kg car seat is mounted only forward-facing with the car seat belt. Our products also have a wide range of adjustment of both the headrest and the seat, making it easier to adjust them to your child's height and the angle of the seat in the car. The UNITY car seat, which is not only safe but also very comfortable, certainly deserves your attention.

All products are made of breathable materials (covers), which protect the child from excessive sweating and help parents keep the product clean. When you buy a Kinderkraft car seat you automatically join the safe car seat programme.