Bouncers and rockers

Bouncers and rockers

Do you dream of a moment's rest at home? Do you get sore arms from carrying the baby all the time? If so, Kinderkraft's rockers will prove invaluable. A five-point safety harness and a solid base make the product stable and safe, yet lightweight and easy to move to another room. Every child rocker in our offer has a soft seat, which provides maximum comfort during resting. We offer classic bouncers, rocker-bouncers and electric swings. Our products have a universal design, combined with childlike elements. Thanks to this they fit into most interiors and at the same time do not lose their character.


A rocker is a product that will help you easily perform activities for which you do not have enough time, by simultaneously taking care of your child. You want to prepare dinner or need to use the toilet and your child demands rocking? In such moments, Kinderkraft's rockers come to help! Placing your child in the seat momentarily and fixing it with a five-point safety harness will allow you to relax for a while. Additionally, some rockers, such as the UNIMO rocker, have an automatic rocking feature. Such electric swings have also been equipped with toy bars so that the child never gets bored during this short time. Some products also have several seat adjustment options (from the reclining to sitting position), so you can easily adjust the angle of the backrest to the current needs of your baby.

In the case of classic rockers gently pushing the unit to start moving is enough – such rocking calms and puts the baby to sleep. Classic rockers allow the parent to control rocking speed – and they are lighter and cheaper than their electric counterparts. Our products are equipped with a toy bar, thanks to which your baby won't get bored too soon and you’ll be able to get prepare your coffee. We also offer electric rockers, equipped with a silent mechanism that doesn’t wake the child from their nap. The wide range of different models gives you the possibility to adjust the swing to the interior and the needs of your child. All Kinderkraft electric rockers will provide your child with a comfortable rest after exhausting and engaging play.


At Kinderkraft you will also find classic bouncers and rocking bouncers. Each of our products is created with the greatest care. Kinderkraft bouncers feature five-point safety harnesses, as well as a solid frame and a rocking frame that give them stability. They are light and easy to move to any place in the house. Therefore, your baby will always be near you. Rockers also allow the child to see the world from a completely different perspective. Toddlers can see most of the surroundings around them, and most importantly: they have their parents in sight. To start with, we particularly recommend the FINIO bouncer, which is distinguished by its beautiful design and the possibility to use it from birth.

Children's room bouncers from Kinderkraft are appropriately soft and pleasant to the touch and have a beautiful design. The products we offer are characterised by a robust, stable construction. The right angle of inclination as well as a durable and adjustable safety harness guarantee a safe and comfortable rest.