Our products make every walk with the parents a lot of fun. A cycling adventure is a great way to spend your free time outdoors together. Besides, cycling is one of those skills that you remember all your life. Healthy spirit in a healthy body – it’s worth making sure the child starts their adventure with physical activity, which will awaken their passion for exercise. Kinderkraft bikes for children are a fantastic solution! Safe, with a solid construction and beautiful design that will delight every child and parent! Smooth driving and additional accessories in our products encourage active excursions. Our offer includes both balance bikes for younger children and tricycles for three-year-olds, which can later on be adapted to the skills of older children. We offer products that last for years. Your child is a fan of modern slimline bikes? Choose the SPACE balance bike. Or maybe on the contrary – they like retro-style bicycles? Then the RAPID bike will be perfect for them.

Kinderkraft balance bikes not only give a lot of fun, but also shape your child's motor activity. In addition to balance bikes, we also offer tricycle models with a stroller function – perfect for children who no longer like their stroller, but still get tired quickly during trips. Your arms ache from carrying your baby all the time, but you don't want to give up on physical activity together? Take a look at the EASYTWIST tricycle.

Balance bikes

You can buy a balance bike for a two-year-old. It will help them improve their gross motor skills and make their time outdoors more fun. Kinderkraft balance bikes give your child the necessary amount of movement, as well as help shape their sense of balance and prepare them to learn how to ride a classic bike on their own. A balance bike will also help learn how to control the handle-bar and strengthen your child's leg muscles and it will allow you to breathe for a moment – the durable wheels made of puncture-resistant foam are ideal for both country roads and city trips. Additional accessories, such as handle-bar bags, will allow the child to take their favourite toys on a journey.

Our assortment includes balance bikes, which will delight both the parents and the children. You need a bike with a lightweight aluminium frame that's easy to take up to the fifth floor? Or maybe you would rather bet on the classic and buy a wooden balance bike, improved with comfortable carry handles? We're sure you'll find something for yourself! A particularly recommended model for three-year-olds is the RUNNER balance bike, which has a comfortable, adjustable seat. And for those who prefer a metal frame, we recommend the 2WAY NEXT balance bike.


Kinderkraft tricycles are suitable for both children and parents. For years our mission has been to create products that meet the expectations of our customers – both small and large. That's why we offer tricycles, which are also a good alternative to strollers and they grow together with your child. When a child no longer wants to ride in a stroller, but is still too small for hours of running in the park, the AVEO tricycle and JAZZ tricycle come to the rescue. They have a swivel seat that allows for a ride facing towards or away from the direction of travel, as well as a unique design that allows for easy disassembly of individual components. With just a few moves, the parent's handle, bar and safety harness can be removed – so the child can already ride themselves!

The Kinderkraft tricycle will accompany your child for years. Our products can be adjusted to your child's height, age and skills. Our tricycles are multifunctional – some are suitable for children from 9 months of age and some are equipped with an adjustable seat for slightly older children (possibility to adjust the distance from the pedals in two steps). We also take care of parents' comfort: our products have comfortable, adjustable holding handles, additional safety features (e.g. steering control) and practical accessories for parents, such as a cup holder. Give your child an unforgettable gift and enjoy the time spent together outside!