Baby cots

Baby cots

A travel cot is a salvation for every travelling parent. It folds easily into a compact size and is lightweight and small enough to fit into a small boot. Each Kinderkraft travel cot is designed for parents who love travelling with their children. Our products are practical from the parents' point of view, but what distinguishes them above all is their great comfort and convenience for toddlers.

We also offer co-sleeper beds, which will be your salvation especially during the first months of your toddler's life. Tired of getting up at night to feed? You want to be close to the baby, but you are afraid to sleep with the newborn in the same bed? So a co-sleeper cot will be perfect for you! We design co-sleeper cots, which can also be used as stand-alone baby cots.

Portable travel cots

If you travel a lot and you don't want to give up travelling, but are afraid for a place to sleep for your baby, a travel cots will be your best choice. They'll even work for a 2-year-old. Their main advantage is their lightness and ease of folding to compact sizes. They are designed to take up as little space as possible in the boot of the car. In addition, they have many facilities that make their transport easier – for example the JOY tourist cot is equipped with rear wheels for easy transfer from room to room. A travel bag with a handle is also included. They are often also equipped with a changing table, side access, two levels, a mobile, mosquito net and a range of other accessories. All this makes travel cots perfect for girls and boys. Contrary to their name, travel cots do not have to be used outside the house only. In terms of comfort and safety, the products offered today are no less than classic cots. This makes many parents use them on a daily basis.

Don't give up your dreams about travelling make them come true with your child!

Safe co-sleeper cots

As much advice about putting to sleep as many children. However, the fact is that some newborns wake up at night much more often than others. Co-sleeper cots are perfect for these situations. Their design allows the cot to be placed on the side of the parents’ bed, so that the mother does not have to get up and move to the other end of the room for feeding. A co-sleeper cot for a child is also a much more comfortable option for parents who have a small double bed. An extra bed for your baby will allow them to feel the closeness of the parent, and at the same time give your baby safety and you — peaceful sleep. Co-sleeper cots, such as the NESTE cot, also serve as an independent child's bed.

Kinderkraft co-sleeper cots are multifunctional — some of them also serve as stand-alone beds as well as beds for older children. They are also easy to assemble and transport: so they can be used as travel cots in later months of life.

With Kinderkaft your life will be easier and your child's sleep – calm and comfortable.