Baby Chairs

Baby Chairs

Learning to eat foods other than milk is a milestone in your baby's development. It's also a challenge for parents to keep their house in order. How to reconcile these two issues? Just buy a special, easy-to-clean high chair with a removable tray! A good high chair is an investment that will allow your child to learn how to eat freely, and will also help them learn to adopt a correct posture when eating. Find out which Kinderkraft high chairs will answer your needs!

We offer multifunctional chairs – for small flats we recommend folding models that are easy to store in the wardrobe. And if you want to buy a chair for years, choose a product that can easily be converted into a chair for an older child.

When to buy a high chair?

To answer this question, it is necessary to take a closer look at two types of such products. You will find classic high chairs and chairs with folding backrests on the market. Adjustable models can be used a little earlier, when the child does not yet sit firmly. Most parents use them for bottle feeding.

A high chair made of wood or plastic without an adjustable backrest is suitable for children aged about 6 months. However, the ability to sit on one’s own is a requirement – some toddlers do not sit at this age, so when you buy a high chair, it is always an individual matter.

Safe and comfortable high chairs

Kinderkraft high chairs are safe, easy to use and easy to clean. We offer, among other things, folding products and those that can later be transformed into a classic children's chair. Some models, like the TRIXI high chair have been equipped with a special, removable, waterproof insert. All chairs, in turn, have a removable tray and wide, comfortable seats with a seat harness.

The multifunction models deserve special attention. You will find here, among other things, a 2-in-1 high chair that can also serve as a low chair for playing or drawing. Our chairs have standard height, which allows them to be fitted to classic tables in the kitchen or in the dining room. In addition, they are distinguished by their beautiful and timeless design.

Foldable high chairs

We know very well that in the era of kitchenettes, not everyone has a large enough kitchen or a separate dining room. Permanent placement of a high chair can be problematic in this case folding models, such as the PINI high chair or the YUMMY high chair come to the rescue. Additionally, the PINI model can later be converted into a chair for an older child. Bet on multifunctional solutions that allow you to buy a single for years to come!