Baby carriers

Baby carriers

The ergonomic carrier is the perfect solution for parents of children who no longer want to use strollers. When your child prefers being carried and your hands and back start to ache, this ergonomic carrier will come to your salvation. It is also a convenient way to quickly visit a local grocery store with a child who cannot yet walk. If you need two free hands and your baby still wants to cuddle, choose an ergonomic carrier that is suitable for children from 3 months of age. Kinderkraft ergonomic carriers are also ideal for travel and any other situation where you need your freedom of movement.

Ergonomic carriers — when can you start carrying your baby?

Ergonomic carriers from Kinderkraft are designed for children from 3 months of age. All our products are made with the highest safety standards. Their construction allows the toddler to adopt a safe posture for the development of hips (a tucked pelvis, and legs in the frog/"M" position). In contrast to classic carriers, those in our offer are soft and properly profiled. They don't put pressure to the baby, and they distribute weight evenly. All Kinderkraft baby carriers are certified by HIP Dysplasia Institute to ensure the ergonomic, safe position of the child when carried on your chest. Our products have an additional collar that hold up the toddler’s head. Kinderkraft carriers will tuck around your toddler and help build a bond and closeness between the parent and the child.

We offer products that allow you to carry your baby in two positions: on your chest and on your back. The chest position (the child is in front of the parent and in a frog position) is recommended for the youngest children, who cannot sit down on their own. On the other hand, the position on the back is recommended for older children, usually those who walk on their own, but still get tired quickly on walks.

Ergonomic carriers from our shop provide:

  • safe position of the legs (frog position), which does not affect the development of the baby's hips,
  • rounded back and a tucked pelvis, so the child does not strain the lumbar region,
  • even and safe weight distribution in every position (the baby does not rest their entire body weight on the crotch, while unnaturally expanding the legs).

Adjustable ergonomic carriers

Kinderkraft ergonomic carriers, such as the MILO ergonomic carrier, are equipped with an innovative, shortened panel, which allows for an even better product fit to the parent and the child. Thanks to it even a longer walk will be pleasant and comfortable. Our products allow you to enjoy closeness wherever you go. Ergonomic carriers for babies from 3 months of age can be used for years – you can carry a baby weighing up to 20 kg! In addition, they are all adjustable so you can easily adapt them to your growing child. They are made of materials that are pleasant to the touch and easy to clean. For example, the NINO ergonomic carrier is made of 100% breathable and soft cotton. The materials are pleasant for both the parent and the child.

We offer a number of innovative solutions that will facilitate every walk. That's why you will find additional Velcro, pockets for small items or a detachable hood for bad weather in our carriers (like in the HUGGY ergonomic carrier). Our products also ensure proper weight distribution of the toddler. This ensures that the back of the parent is not overloaded and bent in an unnatural position. Kinderkraft carriers are suitable for any situation – on a walk, at home or on a journey.