NUBI stroller

NUBI stroller

Lightweight, compact stroller

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  • Compact size when folded (55x22x43 cm)
  • Lightweight (7 kg), perfect for travelling
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reddot winner 2020

The NUBI stroller has won the RED DOT AWARD in the Product Design 2020 category; this is the most prestigious design award in Europe, and is known as the "Design Oscar". The Red Dot Award is synonymous with the highest quality and class. Every year, it's awarded by a jury of experts from the German Design Zentrum Nordhein Westfalen in Essen in three categories: product design, communication design and design concept. Designs awarded by the jury can be viewed at the Red Dot Design Museum located in the building of the former Zollverein mine in Essen.

It's great for travelling

NUBI is a compact stroller that will delight any parents who love to travel. After folding, it's very small, and the comfortable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry. Make your holidays a success with NUBI.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller

Lightweight, easy to move

NUBI is a lightweight stroller – it weighs just seven kilograms and is perfect for vacations. It can be taken almost anywhere.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller

Compact when folded:

After folding, it fits into the standard hand luggage compartments of the most popular airlines.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller

Lie-flat position

The NUBI stroller has a smooth adjustment system for the backrest, which folds out to the lie-flat position. Your child can have a nap whenever they please.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller

Extendable hood

The hood can be extended (using a zipper). It's made of waterproof UPF50+ fabric, which makes it great for sun and rain protection.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller

All four tyres have shock absorbers

NUBI has four PU tyres with shock absorbers. They ensure comfort while riding on uneven terrain – your child will barely feel any bumps.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller

CLICK & FOLD mechanism

The CLICK & FOLD mechanism allows you to fold the stroller with one hand. After folding, the stroller stands on its own, which makes it easier to store at home.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller


This automatic lock prevents the stroller from unfolding while carrying or during transport.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller

Guard rail in the shape of the letter ""T""

The modern shape of the guard rail isn't just great for taking your child out and putting them in. It's an additional attraction for the youngster, because it resembles a steering wheel.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller

Front wheels lock to drive straight

The front wheels swivel 360 degrees and can be locked to drive straight. The stroller is also great for long walks on bumpy footpaths.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller

Adjustable footrest

The footrest can be adjusted, increasing comfort. In addition, your child can have a nap – the footrest and backrest create a comfortable space to sleep.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller

Viewing window

The hood features a magnetic viewing window that lets you keep an eye on your child. You can quietly and discreetly see what your youngster is doing.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller

Five-point safety harness

The five-point safety harness with soft pads and crotch cover will make sure your child is safe even when riding on steep roads on your holiday adventures.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller

STOP & RIDE brake

The STOP & RIDE linked brake is operated from the top. You can easily stop the stroller even in delicate sandals or heels.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller

Button for rolling up the hood material

At the back, there's a special button that you can use to hook the rolled up hood material. This will reveal a mesh that will provide your child with air flow even on hot days.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller

Spacious basket

The NUBI stroller has a spacious basket with access from both the front and back. You can use it for all your accessories – it holds up to two kilograms.

Kinderkraft NUBI stroller


The set includes: a leg warmer, cup holder, carry strap, and rain cover.

Sturdy, durable materials

300D melange polyester + 300D Oxford

Easy to clean, durable, resistant to abrasion

Kinderkraft NUBI

PVC cover

Waterproof with UPF50+

Kinderkraft NUBI


Durable and lightweight

Kinderkraft NUBI


Good flexibility, resistance to abrasion, durability

Kinderkraft NUBI


  • Brand: Kinderkraft
  • Model: Nubi
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • After folding: length: 55 cm, depth: 22 cm, width: 43 cm
  • Dimensions:
    Height of seat from the ground::
    Backrest heigh:
    Backrest width:
    Seat length:
    Seat width:
    Footrest length:
    Footrest width:
    Length of seat in lie-flat position:

    42 cm
    46 cm
    28,5 cm
    21 cm
    35 cm
    17 cm
    32 cm

    84 cm
    102 cm
    43 cm
    Length: 39 cm
    Width: 36 cm
    Max. depth: 19 cm
  • Wheel dimensions: front - 13 cm, rear - 15 cm
  • Parent handle height: 102 cm – can't be adjusted



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