MOLLY backpack

MOLLY backpack

Universal backpack for parents/to accompany the pushchair

  • Product info
  • 14 functional pockets
  • Innovative fastening
  • Quick access pocket

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Backpack for parents/to accompany the MOLLY pushchair

Universal backpack for parents that can be attached to the pushchair. It has 14 pockets, including a thermal pocket, a pocket for wet clothes or nappies, and a quick access pocket (without needing to open the main compartment). The backpack can be opened and closed with one hand.

Kinderkraft MOLLY

Pushchair backpack

The backpack has special hooks that you can use to hang it on the handle of the pushchair. MOLLY can also be worn as a classic backpack.

Kinderkraft MOLLY

14 pockets

The backpack is equipped with 14 different pockets that will help you stay organised during walks with your child.

Kinderkraft MOLLY

Quick access pocket

The quick access pocket at the back allows access to the backpack without opening the main compartment.

Kinderkraft MOLLY

Innovative fastening

The innovative solid buckle allows you to close and open using one hand.

Kinderkraft MOLLY

Thermal pocket

The thermal pocket keeps things warm – thanks to MOLLY, you can have a warm meal wherever you go.

Kinderkraft MOLLY

Wide, adjustable shoulder straps

The shoulder straps are soft and wide, and can be adjusted for an even-better fit for the parent.

Durable, high-quality materials


It's easy to keep clean and wipe dry (the centre has an additional coating)



  • Brand: Kinderkraft
  • Model: MOLLY
  • Dimensions: 38x28x16 cm
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 24 miesiące