Electric rocker and bouncer in one

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bujaczek leżaczek Kinderkraft Luli

Sideways rocking will help your child fall asleep

LULI is a rocker-bouncer that'll quickly rock your child to sleep. The pendulum-like sideways rocking motion reflects the natural motion of the child in the mother's belly, meaning it's familiar and pleasant for your little one.

Kinderkraft LULI

Sideways rocking

The LULI bouncer-rocker gently rocks your child from side to side. This motion reflects the natural motion of the child in the womb, making your little one feel safe. It will calm your child and make it easier for them to fall asleep.

Kinderkraft LULI

Bouncer and rocker in one

LULI is a 2-in-1 product. It acts as both a bouncer and a rocker – the rocking frame can easily be locked in a static position. The motor is very quiet, so when your child starts dozing off, you don't have to worry that the noise will wake them up.

Kinderkraft LULI

Large range of adjustment

The bouncer has five rocking speed options, allowing you to tailor the speed to your child. In addition, it also features 12 melodies, volume control, and a timer that can be set to 8, 15 or 30 minutes.

Kinderkraft LULI

Wide, comfortable seat

LULI features a wide, comfortable seat. Your child can rest in the rocker in comfort, and the pleasant-to-the-touch material is very cosy.

Kinderkraft LULI

Removable, soft cushion

LULI features a removable cushion with sewn-in reinforcements to provide your child with complete body support and better adjustment to their height.

Kinderkraft LULI

Five-point harness

The rocker has an adjustable five-point safety harness that can be adjusted to two positions.

Kinderkraft LULI

Adjustable toy bar

The adjustable bar can be attached from both sides. It has two clip-on plush toys that your child will love. The rocker may not be carried using the bar.

Kinderkraft LULI

Easy-to-clean cover

The cover is easy to clean. It also features a gorgeous design, meaning the rocker will suit most interiors. It can be wiped down with a damp sponge.

Kinderkraft LULI

Two power sources

The LULI bouncer-rocker has two power sources: batteries or mains power.

Safe materials


The soft toys are made of plush, which is pleasant to the touch

Kinderkraft Luli


The polyester cover is very easy to clean

Kinderkraft Luli


The steel frame is sturdy and stable

Kinderkraft Luli


  • Brand: Kinderkraft
  • Model: LULI
  • Dimensions: height 55,5 cm,
    width 61,5 cm,
    length 51,5 cm.
  • Seat dimensions: overall: 72,5 cm x 49 cm
    internal: 48,5 cm x 39,5 cm
  • Length of power cord: 155 cm
  • Product weight: 4,2 kg
  • Carton dimension: 60,5 x 55,5 x 15,6 cm
  • For children: from birth up to 9 kg




Educational mat for the bouncer

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