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Why is the JAZZ bicycle the best choice for your child?


Functional 4 in 1 bike

Jazz tricycle “grows with the child.” Thanks to the applied solutions it combines up to 4 products, and can be easily matched to the age and motor skills of your child.

Rowerek trójkołowy KINDERKRAFT JAZZ

Adjustable safety harness

The adjustable three-point safety harness provides safety for your child. And when they're older, the harness can be easily dismantled to give your little one more freedom of movement.

Rowerek trójkołowy KINDERKRAFT JAZZ

Foldable footrest

If your child's legs don't yet reach the pedals or if your child gets tired, they can use the footrest for comfort. You can also lock the pedals so that they don't hit your toddler's legs.

Rowerek trójkołowy KINDERKRAFT JAZZ

Detachable bar made of plastic that's pleasant to the touch

The bar protects small children during riding, and can also easily be opened. This makes it easy to put your child in and take them out. When the toddler is older, the bar can be completely removed.

Rowerek trójkołowy KINDERKRAFT JAZZ

Rear brakes

The rear brakes increase the child's safety when the tricycle isn't moving and when you're putting the toddler in.

Rowerek trójkołowy KINDERKRAFT JAZZ

Soft, shock-absorbing EVA foam tyres

The puncture-resistant foam with increased resistance to abrasion protects the tyres against damage and absorbs bumps on uneven surfaces. The spokeless front wheel prevents little legs from getting caught.

Rowerek trójkołowy KINDERKRAFT JAZZ

Practical drawstring bag

The spacious drawstring bag, which can be attached to the tricycle or put on your back will store essential items and toys for your child!

Rowerek trójkołowy KINDERKRAFT JAZZ

Foldable hood

The foldable hood will provide shade even on a very sunny day, protecting your child against the sun and making riding more pleasant.

Rowerek trójkołowy KINDERKRAFT JAZZ

Adjustable parent handle

The adjustable handle is useful for learning to ride. You can easily adjust it to your height. Later, when the child is ready, you can easily remove it.

Rowerek trójkołowy KINDERKRAFT JAZZ

Loud bell

The bell lets everyone know that your child is approaching!

Rowerek trójkołowy KINDERKRAFT JAZZ

Certified safety

The tricycle meets European safety standards. It's made of materials that don't contain harmful chemicals, which has been confirmed by tests at the renowned Intertek laboratory.

Durable and soft


Soft fabric


Solid frame supporting the structure

EVA foam

Wheels made of puncture-resistant foam


  • Brand: Kinderkraft
  • Model: JAZZ
  • Weight: 7.2 kg
  • Included: Textile bag clipped to the handle at the back, bell, large, folding hood, folding footrest, detachable safety bar to protect the child, parent control handle
  • For children: from 9 months to 3 years
  • Manufacturer's guarantee: 24 months


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