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  • 4in1
  • Compact and Mobility
  • Practical bag for small items

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Dlaczego rowerek JAZZ tonajlepszy wybór dla Twojego dziecka?

Functional 4 in 1 bike

Jazz tricycle “grows with the child.” Thanks to the applied solutions it combines up to 4 products, and can be easily matched to the age and motor skills of your child.

Compactness and mobility

Ease of assembly, no need to remove any parts, easy to transport the bike. When assembled, it stands alone and can be pulled like a suitcase.

Folded footrest

The footrest provides support for the legs when the child gets tired while riding. When not needed, it can be folded and stored.

Removable bar

The opened, soft safety bar provides additional protection of the child, and it can be removed not to restrict the movements of an older child.

Practical bag-backpack

The textile bag hanging at the back of the bike is a great solution for small items needed while strolling. It can also be put on the child's back.

“Free-wheel” function

With the pedal lock on the front wheel the child can pedal without propelling the bike. Puncture-resistant foam protects the wheels from damage.

Brakes on the rear wheels  

The brakes on the rear wheels increase the safety of your child during stops and when placing the toddler in the bike.

Parent handle

The handle located at the back of the bike is height adjustable, so it can be adjusted to the parent's height. It also facilitates control over the bike.


The bell mounted on the handlebars allows your child to warn pedestrians and cyclists.

Folding hood

A large, folding hood with adjustable tilt provides the child with sun protection. It can also be removed.



Durable and soft


Soft fabric


Solid frame supporting the structure

EVA foam

Wheels made of puncture-resistant foam


  • Brand: Kinderkraft
  • Model: JAZZ
  • Weight: 7.2 kg
  • Included: Textile bag clipped to the handle at the back, bell, large, folding hood, folding footrest, detachable safety bar to protect the child, parent control handle
  • For children: from 9 months to 3 years
  • Manufacturer's guarantee: 24 months