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Ruszamy w świat!

Stroller with 4-wheel suspension

The newer version of the iconic GRANDE is a proposition refined in every detail, stylish and safe. Large, rubber and puncture-proof rear wheels provide even more comfort, and thanks to the suspension it is ideal for even the toughest terrain.

Premium rubber
rear wheels

The large rubber wheels are abrasion-resistant, puncture-proof and provide good grip on difficult terrain. At the same time, they are lighter than pneumatic wheels.

Improved 4-Wheel

Reduces shocks, provides greater stroller stability and comfort. Large rubber rear wheels can handle high curbs and uneven surfaces.

Deep foldable

Protects the child from the sun and wind. It has an aesthetic zipper that allows you to hide excess material in a folded hood.

Easy to fold
and unfold

Protects the child from the sun and wind. It has an aesthetic zipper that allows you to hide excess material in a folded hood.

Easy to fold
and unfold

The folding mechanism is extremely easy to operate - using the buttons in the handle. It allows you to fold and unfold the stroller with one move.


An automatic lock prevents the stroller from unfolding during transport.

Central stop
& go brake

The correctly shaped brake pedal can be easily locked and unlocked, regardless of the type of footwear. With the brake in the middle of the axle, you don't have to worry about accidentally hitting it while driving.


The cup holder will allow you to take your coffee with you. Rain cover and footmuffler will keep your baby comfortable in the rain and cold.

Lock against

The mechanism in the handle prevents the stroller from folding in an unexpected situation (e.g. when playing or driving on uneven terrain).

5-point safety

The seat belts are adaptable even for newborns. When the little one grows up, you can readjust them. Once they get dirty, you can wash your seatbelts and pads in the washing machine.

Infinitely adjustable

The backrest can be lowered smoothly to the lying position without waking up the toddler. You decide on the angle of its inclination so that the child is comfortable.


4-position footrest adjustment ensures comfort for the child in a sitting and lying position.


The wide, deep and properly profiled seat will give your child space to sleep, play and observe the world during each walk.

A window
in the hood

A lockable window allows for constant visual contact with the child and provides additional ventilation.

Spacious cargo

A large and spacious cargo basket with a load capacity of up to 2 kg will allow you to conveniently transport the necessary accessories, shopping or handbag.

Handle covered
with eco-leather

The eco-leather cover is elegant, practical and comfortable. It is easy to clean and comfortable to use.


Thanks to this you can always have the essentials, such as phone or handkerchiefs, at your fingertips.

front wheels

The front wheels made from EVA foam, with an increased density to make them more durable, are extremely lightweight and puncture-proof.

High quality materials


Easy to clean, durable, abrasion-resistant


Provides a stable and durable construction


Durable, high-quality rubber, puncture-proof and abrasion-resistant


  • Brand: Kinderkraft
  • Model: GRANDE 2020
  • Weight: 9,9 kg
  • Dimensions:
  • Unfolded: length – 95 cm, height – 100 cm, width - 57 cm
  • Folded: length – 83 cm, width – 57 cm, height – 27cm
  • Gap between wheels: rear – 57 cm, front – 33 cm
  • Diameter of wheels: front – 17 cm, rear – 25 cm
  • Max. child weight: 15 kg
  • Max. cargo basket capacity: 2 kg
  • Seat:: width - 34 cm, depth - 21 cm
  • Backrest: height - 47 cm, width - 34 cm
  • Standars:
    EN 1888
  • The set includes: Cup holder, rain cover and footmuffler
  • Warranty: 24 months
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