2-in-1 pushchair

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  • Frame load up to 27 kg
  • Rearward and forward facing seat
  • Adjustable shock absorption on the frame; tyres with shock absorbers
  • Set of practical accessories

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Ruszamy w świat!

An amazing 2-in-1 pushchair for special duties

Everyday 2-in-1 is a pushchair that will become your companion for everyday walks. It has been designed for children from birth up to 22 kg. EVERYDAY is suitable for toddlers with different needs - it has the possibility of a rearward or forward facing seat, and the attached adapters will allow you to attach a car seat, creating the TRAVEL SYSTEM. EVERYDAY is suitable for both sidewalks and paved roads. Adjustable shock absorption on the frame and in the wheels will make the walk as comfortable for your baby as if it was in your arms. Included accessories will let you protect your little one from rain, wind and sun!

Kinderkraft Everyday

Winner of the RED DOT AWARD 2021 – Design Oscar

EVERYDAY won the prestigious award called the Design Oscar – RED DOT AWARD 2021 in the multi-functional pushchair category. This prestigious award recognised not only the aesthetics of the pushchair, but also its functionality and ability to be adapted to both the child and the parent.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Adjustable shock absorption of the frame

EVERYDAY has an adjustable shock absorption on the frame. This allows you to adjust the pushchair even better to the walking terrain. Your little one will be able to comfortably admire the views and enjoy the ride together.

Kinderkraft Everyday

4 tyres with shock absorbers

The pushchair is equipped with shock absorption on all wheels. It is a good choice for both the cobbled streets and paved lanes in the park. EVERYDAY will also prove useful during forest, family walks. Maintenance-free wheels are made of durable rubber, filled with puncture-resistant foam.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Manouverable, front wheels

The front wheels swivel by 360 degrees. Maneuvering the pushchair will be even easier! Going for a walk to a small neighbourhood store? Or for a longer trip to the park? EVERYDAY is a pushchair that is also easy to steer on uneven terrain. The wheels have a front wheel lock, making EVERYDAY comfortable to steer in all conditions.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Extendable, waterproof hood

The hood in the carrycot and stroller can be extented to over 90 degrees. It is waterproof and has a UPF50+ filter to protect your little one even more. EVERYDAY is an all-weather pushchair - the hood will protect your child from the sun as well as from cold wind and rain.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Mesh for ventilation

The carrycot and stroller have large hoods with ventilation panels to provide air flow during hot days.

Kinderkraft Everyday


Thanks to TRAVEL SYSTEM travelling with your child will be easy and pleasant. Just mount the adapters in the frame. Then put the seat (not included) taken out of the car with your child on them - and that's it!

Kinderkraft Everyday

Large carrycot with mattress

The EVERYDAY baby pushchair is equipped with a large carrycot, which comes with a soft mattress. It is enriched with bamboo fibres - the cover has thermoregulatory and antibacterial properties. It will ensure the youngest children comfort during walks regardless of the season.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Carrying the baby in the carrycot

The carrycot is designed so that you can easily remove it from the frame and take it with you by using the special solid handle. When the baby falls asleep and you don't want to wake them up, just gently remove the carrycot from the frame. The safety of this solution is confirmed by the EN 1466 standard which provides the possibility of carrying the child in the carrycot.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Flat folding

The carrycot in the EVERYDAY model folds flat. It fits in the trunk of your car, and when it's time to switch to a pushchair, it's easy to store in your closet.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Rearward and forward facing seat

Your little one is not yet ready for a forward facing ride? From now on it's not a problem: EVERYDAY can be fitted with the seat either rearward or forward facing. Even in the pushchair your toddler will still be able to maintain an eye contact with his parents.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Spacious seat with side protection

The seat of the pushchair is deep, wide and soft. In addition, it is equipped with additional side covers that protect the child from cold, wind and increase travel safety.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Lie-flat position

EVERYDAY is also designed with outdoor naps in mind. The parent can easily recline the backrest of the pushchair thanks to the backrest adjustment to 3 positions: sitting, semi-lie-flat and lie-flat. The backrest can be unfolded with one hand!

Kinderkraft Everyday

Adjustable footrest

The adjustable footrest allows you to create a comfortable space for your child. It can be adjusted to 4 levels, and it is also equipped with a mesh that makes it easy to keep the footrest clean.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Swivel protective bar

This 2-in-1 baby pushchair has a protective bar that is removable from both sides. Thanks to the possibility of a complete removal it is much easier to put the child in the pushchair. The bar is finished in eco leather - it looks elegant and is nice to the touch.

Kinderkraft Everyday

STOP & RIDE brake

EVERYDAY has a central STOP & RIDE brake that you operate entirely from the top. Do you want to lock the pushchair? Press the brake with the sole. Do you want to release it? Press it from the other side. So you won't even damage your lightweight sandals or favorite heels.

Kinderkraft Everyday

5-point safety harness

The pushchair is equipped with adjustable 5-point safety harness. They have soft covers to increase comfort while walking. They are easy to remove and clean.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Set of practical accessories

The pushchair is equipped with a set of practical accessories which will make every walk more pleasant and easier. In the set, you will find: cup holder, mosquito net, rain cover, leg warmer (for the carrycot and separately for the pushchair), sunshade and universal adapters*.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Telescopic handle

EVERYDAY is also tailored to the parent. The telescopic handle has as many as 3 levels of adjustment, thanks to which operating the pushchair is pleasant for everyone, irrespective of height. And for greater comfort, the handle is covered with a nice to the touch eco leather.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Window for contact with the child

The hood of the pushchair has a window for baby contact. Does your child love to play Peek-a-boo? Thanks to the window, every walk will be full of excitement, amazing games and adventures.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Spacious basket

The pushchair is equipped with a spacious basket with access from all sides. In just a moment you can take out the most necessary baby accessories, and thanks to the load capacity of 5 kg you can also fit shopping in it.

Kinderkraft Everyday

2 pockets in the carrycot

There are 2 pockets in the carrycot for small items. If you want to have a binky or a small pack of baby wipes at hand, just put them in one of them.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Pocket in the backrest of the pushchair

The backrest of the pushchair has an additional pocket, which will allow you to hide your phone, card or keys. No more searching for small things - now everything will have its place and will always be at hand!

Kinderkraft Everyday

Easy folding

Are you setting out on a trip out of town? Or maybe you are going on dream family holiday? You can take EVERYDAY with you anywhere thanks to its easy folding feature! Both the frame and the seat can be folded (in both directions). In addition, EVERYDAY has a flat-folding carrycot.

Kinderkraft Everyday

Easy to clean

The cover of the carrycot is easy to take off and clean. If your baby spits up or the carrycot gets dirty during a walk, simply remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine at 30 degrees (delicate program).

Kinderkraft Everyday

Pattern inside the hood of the carrycot

The Inside of the hood of the carrycot is printed with a beautiful pattern that will make walking more attractive for your baby. It will also allow them to exercise their eyesight, concentration and focus.



The frame of the pushchair is made of lightweight, highly durable aluminum.

Kinderkraft EVERYDAY

Modern Polyester

The cover of the carrycot and pushchair is made of polyester, which is extremely easy to clean.

Kinderkraft EVERYDAY

Rubber with foam filling

The wheels of the pushchair are made of durable rubber, filled with puncture-resistant foam.

Kinderkraft EVERYDAY


  • Brand: Kinderkraft
  • Model: Everyday
  • Weight:
  • frame with the pushchair: 14,3 kg,
  • seat: 4,5 kg,
  • frame: 9,8 kg
  • carrycot: 5,9 kg,
  • car seat: 3,4 kg
  • Dimensions:
  • Folded pushchair dimensions: 36x60x80 cm:
  • Basic dimensions of the pushchair with seat: 114x60x99 cm
  • Dimensions of stroller with carrycot: 120x60x99 cm
  • Carrycot XL - internal dimensions: 32x78x17,5 cm:
  • Seat length (lowered backrest) 90x33x21 cm
  • Frame dimensions: 32x60x99 cm



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