Stroller CRUISER

Stroller CRUISER


  • Product info
  • Large, premium puncture-proof rubber wheels
  • Useful, detachable tray
  • 4-wheel suspension system

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Ruszamy w świat!

A stroller with a top-class suspension system and a useful tray

With large, puncture-proof wheels, an advanced suspension system and smooth backrest adjustment, Cruiser provides a comfortable experience for both the parents and the child. The stroller features a useful, detachable feeding tray and a large basket for all baby's essentials.

Large, premium rubber wheels

Premium rear rubber wheels are puncture-proof and abrasion resistant. They also offer great, all-terrain shock absorption performance.

Improved 4-wheel suspension system

The suspension system absorbs shocks for greater stability and comfort. Large, rubber rear wheels can easily handle high kerbs and rough surfaces.

Large, extendable canopy

Provides maximum protection from the sun and wind. Easy to fold and unfold when needed.

Folded and unfolded in one move

Features a convenient mechanism for easy folding and unfolding.

Anti-fold lock

An anti-fold system integrated in the handle protects against uncontrolled folding during playtime or on rough terrain.

Tray-shaped seat handle

A detachable tray provides a secure space for snacks and toys, protecting your child from sliding down.

Central stop&go brake

The uniquely shaped brake pedal helps you lock and unlock the wheels easily, no matter what kind of shoes you are wearing. With the brake located in the middle of the rear axle, there is no risk of accidental brake engagement while on the move.

Useful accessories

With a cup holder you can take your hot drink with you wherever you go. A rain cover and a leg warmer will make your child comfortable even in cold weather.

5-point harness

Suitable also for newborns, the harness can be easily adjusted, as your baby grows older. Both the straps and protective padding are machine washable.

Smooth backrest adjustment

The backrest can be easily adjusted into reclined position without the need of waking up your child.

Adjustable footrest

4-point footrest adjustment ensures high level of comfort while sitting or lying down.

Canopy with a window

The canopy features a peek-a-boo window to help you maintain eye contact with your baby.

Large storage basket

A large storage basket will easily accommodate all your everyday essentials.

Pleasant to the touch handles

Made of soft, anti-slip foam, the parent handle is pleasant to the touch.

Comfortable seat

A deep and wide seat offers excellent comfort while sitting and sleeping.

A deep and wide seat offers excellent comfort while sitting and sleeping.

Extremely leightweight and puncture-proof front wheels made of EVA foam provide excellent shock absorption performance.

Soft materials


Durable, abrasion resistant and easy to clean


Steel frame provides stability and durability

EVA foam

Lightweight and puncture-proof


Durable, high quality rubber resistant to abrasion and puncture-proof


  • Brand: Kinderkraft
  • Model: CRUISER
  • Dimensions: 51(W) x 87(L) x 106(H) cm
  • Dimensions after folding: W 51 cm, H 34, L 86 cm
  • Footrest: 16(L)x35(W) cm
  • Seat: 22(L)x33 (W) cm
  • Backrest: 46(L)x33 (W) cm
  • Wheel diameter: rear 25 cm, front 17 cm
  • Max baby weight: up to 15 kg
  • Weight: 7,6 kg
  • Accessories: Cup holder, rain cover and leg warmer
  • Standards: EN 1888
  • Warranty: 2 years