Your ultimate checklist – shopping for a new baby

Your ultimate checklist – shopping for a new baby

Congratulations, you are soon going to be a parent! There is a lot to prepare and staying organised is the way to do it stress free.

Ultimate Checklist

Congratulations, you are soon going to be a parent! There is a lot to prepare and staying organised is the way to do it stress free. Or at least as stress free as possible. To help with that, we have prepared a guide to what you need prepared before your baby is born. The top tip? Rest for the first couple of months, but treat the 5th month as the final date to start researching and shopping.

The big items

These are the accessories and furniture, which are best ordered by the 26th week. Sooner if you are looking at some unique pieces, which could take up to 12 weeks to arrive. You will need some time to consider various options, so give yourself time to do the research and start early. And once these arrive, make sure to check whether everything is in order and arrange them in the room just to be sure it all fits in together.

Ultimate Checklist

The furniture – the baby will be very little, but it will need a lot of space. The accessories and clothes alone will take up plenty of it. So start by decluttering your home and see how much of it you have already got. Then measure everything up and decide what sort of furniture you still need. Closet space and shelves for clothes and everyday items, which need to be easily accessible. So whether you have the space or need more, is something to decide on early and then have look around.

The baby will require a changing table – but it can be a special pad on a dresser instead.

A bed, your baby has to have a safe one to sleep in. It can be a cot to begin with, it doesn’t have to be a large wooden bed. So you can go for a co-sleeper like KINDERKRAFT NESTE UP or a lightweight cot that is great for travel as well such, as LOVI. But you need to decide whether it will be placed your sleeping room or a separate one. Once your baby grows older it is best to transition into a wooden model though, preferably one that adapts with age, so that once your baby gets used to sleeping in it, there is no need to change it. KINDERKRAFT’s upcoming models STELLO, KOYA and MIA enable easy adaptation of the mattress level, so that your baby is always safe. Check whether your intended bed comes with a mattress or is that something you need to buy separately.

Depending on where you decide to order these key accessories and furniture from, these will have various times of order completion. So do make sure to start ordering by the end of 6th month.

The top accessories

These key items are best ordered by the 30th week. Keep in mind, that you will need to arrange them in your home, but also check that these are in perfect state.

Ultimate Checklist

A car seat – the very thing, which will help bring your baby home. There is an incredible choice available. Some car seats grow with your baby and these are the models we advise to focus on. A safe one is mandatory and you need a new one as safety regulations change over the years. Moreover second hand items might have been in collisions, and that compromises their safety. We recommend the Mother&Baby gold winner MYWAY it has a special post-collision policy, where we will exchange it for a new car seat in case there was an accidental collision, even if there is no visible impact to the seat. Kinderkraft MYWAY can be used since the very first day and placed in a reward facing position (until your child weights 18 kg), which significantly enhances your baby’s safety. Along with the car seat it is good to have sunshades for the car windows to protect the skin and eyes of your baby. Make sure to have the seat installed in the car before you head to the hospital. For all our models we have video tutorials to help you get everything ready.

A stroller- from the first days you will need a pram. You can get a multifunctional stroller and you can adjust between a pram and a stroller. It has to recline fully because it will be used for a very small baby, so look into wheels with good absorption. These are the safest. It will save you both the time and money in the long run. We recommend looking for multifunctional models, such as Kinderkraft XMOOV, PRIME2020 and JULI. Depending on the models there are extra accessories such as a footmuff, a rain cover, a bag, a cup holder and many more. The Kinderkraft models we mentioned are travel systems, which contain a stroller, a carrycot and a car seat, so you can use your favourite throughout the various stages of your child’s development.

Ultimate Checklist

The play mat will keep your little one entertained and the right one will support development. Check out our SMARTPLAY, it was designed with that purpose in mind. Additionally look for sensory mats just like KINDERKRAFT 4SMART, which aids in developing your baby’s senses. Special features such as protruding elements, contrasting colours - which tested as most recognisable by toddlers and exchangeable cards with a mirror all help enhance your baby’s senses.

A baby carrier  to give you some more mobility with your hands and keep the little one safe at the same time. Look for the IHDI certifications, good ones like NINO will have it. The great models – here look at KINDERKRAFT HUGGY as an ideal example, will have a special ventilation to assure comfort for the parent and the baby. HUGGY will catch the eye of a fashionista and has a detachable hood, which is perfect for windy or rainy weather.

The feeding chair won’t be needed at first, but it is good to consider your choices whilst pregnant. A good idea is to search for those models which are strain resistant and easily cleanable like YUMMY. Some features such as removable liner and double tray will make your life easier, so have a look at KINDERKRAFT TIXI to see how these ought to look.

Everyday essentials

These essentials can be bought around the 34th week and soon after. Again, you will need to prepare everything, such as wash the clothes, sterilise some items and get familiarised with using them. The smart way is getting the nursery prepared by the 9th month and having the items you will need for the first couple of weeks ready to use.

Ultimate Checklist

Clothing – here think of comfort. You will need sleepers (7 to 10) used for day and night, leggings or stretchy pants (6) with bodysuits (6) – the perfect duo for the day time nappy changes. 4 outer layers that are easy to put on, 2 hats (for the sun and one for the cold). Socks (6 to 7) and some pyjamas.

Blankets and bedding (3 to 5) (with a couple of washable mattress pads). A wearable blanket that won’t slip off when your baby is sleeping during the night might be very convenient.

A baby monitor to keep tabs on your baby when in a different room.

Preferably a nightlight which makes sounds, it can be a great help in getting your baby to fall asleep soundly.

Diapers - do not buy too much, the baby might grow faster than you expect. Regardless of disposable versus cloth debate, your baby will need 12 diapers a day, so you need to plan depending on your choice. A diaper pail is handy, it keeps you from having to take the trash outside after each diaper change. You will also need the wet wipes and some cream or powder to keep your baby’s skin from getting irritated.

Bathing and care – you will need to clean your baby quite often. A special bathtub is a perfect idea for doing it safely. You will also need special products for cleaning and other care: special soap (it can be an oil), soft bath towels, a soft-bristled hair brush for babies, baby nail scissors and clippers.

Breastfeeding supplies, bottles for milk (or plastic bags) and a breast pump. Alternatively you will need formula and milk bottles.

Pacifiers tend to be great soothers and you want to get 2 or 3. Also look what different pacifiers are made of, whether you can sterilise them with boiling water – your baby might drop them quite a few times.

Toys – here look for a few soft toys, rattles and one musical toy. A few are indispensable, will both keep your baby happy and help with its development. Also get some chunky board or other special books dedicated for toddlers. This will be a great way to keep your baby happy. Very often you will be gifted some wonderful toys from your family and friends as well. A handy solution to keeping the toys organised is a toy chest RACOON by KINDERKRAFT, which is mobile and has a very adorable design.

A bouncer or swing  is the gadget that will keep your baby safe and happy. It is worth to invest in one of these. Particularly models that also make sounds or have other great features. Check our UNIMO 2020 which is 5-in-1 model – it serves as a cot, cradle, bouncer, rocker and a swing.

Lastly the items concerning health: a first aid kit, a nasal aspirator (it is very handy), some teething toys and do make sure to use baby friendly detergents.

Solid feeding won’t start until the baby is 4 to 6 months so the feeding containers can wait. The same goes for baby proofing.

For your calm mind

Now is when you have the time to get ready, mentally as well. Parents nowadays have an incredible amount of available resources to help them learn. Our advice is to ask your tutor in the prenatal class for a good book, so that you can read about taking care of a little baby and what to watch out for. And also start building your community, see what fits you and helps you. Though your family and friends are surely fantastic, it helps to have some extra contact with other mums. For the first couple of weeks you will be extremely busy, so we recommend finding some great pals to talk to whilst pregnant.

Happy shopping!