What is ISOFIX?

What is ISOFIX?

If you are currently looking for a car seat or thinking of it, you certainly know the term ISOFIX.

If you are currently looking for a car seat or thinking of it, you certainly know the term ISOFIX. This information is included in the description of most products, but many parents still do not know exactly what they buy and how to use it. In this short article we will try to include the most important information regarding the ISOFIX system.   

ISOFIX − what does it mean? 

Isofix is the abbreviation of International Organization for Standardization − ISO Fixture. What does that even mean? ISOFIX is a fastening system for child safety seats on the seats in cars. Several years ago it was known to few, although it appeared in the first cars in the early 1990s. It has been in the standard for almost 20 years and it is considered by many specialists the best system for installing child seats in cars.   

How does it look like? 

The ISOFIX system is quite simple, but only from the outside. It consists of two brackets located between the seat and the backrest. Security is ensured by the fact that brackets are attached directly to the vehicle structure. This means that in the event of an accident, the child seat fixed with the ISOFIX is permanently attached to the vehicle and not as in the case of an ordinary installation − solely with the belt. Of course, fastening with seatbelts is not a bad idea, but in the case of little children, that is infants and toddlers weighing up to 18 kg, ISOFIX better fulfils its role, because in these cases the child's weight does not provide resistance to the energy produced during a car accident. ISOFIX is much stiffer, and this well-designed clip system makes it difficult for us to improperly install the seat, which in the case of belts happens very often.   

Does every car have ISOFIX? 

Not every car and not every car seat available in stores has the system. We must remember that if our car has ISOFIX system and we buy any car seat model without it, it cannot be installed using this system. You also cannot install a child seat with ISOFIX in a car without it. Both the car and the car seat must have ISOFIX mounting system to actually be able to use it. Now, most manufacturers offer car seats with ISOFIX, and all of them can always be mounted in the traditional way − using seat belts.