Is it worth to buy a travel cot?

Is it worth to buy a travel cot?

For some parents travelling with a child may seem difficult ...

For some parents travelling with a child may seem difficult and often almost impossible, as still many hotels, guest-houses or family homes are not properly prepared for the arrival of children. Moreover, babies are often stressed by new places. Without their familiar home environment, associated with warm and safe presence of mother, they have problems with sleeping. The same happens when the family visits relatives or friends. Despite of fatigue, parents often decide to return home, as their baby cannot sleep in a new place. How to fix this?

Baby cot is very important   

Scientific research shows that babies have less trouble falling asleep, when they are put to their own beds. When your baby is very young, he/she can sleep in a bassinet, when you are going on holiday or visiting family. However, after a few months, you may experience some problems, especially when you do not sleep with your baby in the same bed. Even when a crib or a cot is available at your holiday destination, your child may refuse to sleep in it. Therefore, travel cots become more and more popular, as they may be taken anywhere.

What are the features of a good product? 

You have to bear in mind that not every travel cot will help your baby to peacefully fall asleep during the trip. A good product should be stable and after unfolding it should provide a safe and comfortable place for sleeping. Another feature - mobility. Folding system should be simple in use, otherwise it will discourage you to take it on a trip. Also the weight is important. Heavy models are simply inconvenient. Do not forget about accessories - a good travel cot (such as "Joy with accessories") should be equipped at least with a changing top. It is preferable, when the product is provided with additional elements, as travelling with children always means a big luggage and many gadgets. You should also check the mattress - its hardness, convenience and profiling.   

Not only for travels 

Many parents use travel cots at home, because they are usually more compact than traditional pieces of furniture. In addition they are easy to clean, light and practical, as they are provided with all the necessary accessories - changing top, toy carousel, mattress and special pockets for diapers or cosmetics. Mobility is also important, as the device may be easily moved around.   

Change the baby cot into a playpen 

It is important that the travel cot may be converted into a playpen. This functionality will save your money. You don't have to buy additional accessory for your baby, and this product will serve your child for a long time.