Kinderkraft's 2021 awards

Kinderkraft's 2021 awards

We are winning the heart of more and more parents around the world! Meet the winners of the Design Oscar – the RED DOT AWARD 2021 – and the winners of the MadeForMums 2021 and 2021 competitions!

We just can't stop winning more awards – as a small brand, we're constantly developing and improving our products, to be able to delight you with more new functionalities. In 2021, we won further awards that prove that Kinderkraft is on the right path in creating everyday parent helpers. Thanks to us, parenting is easier, and you can focus on creating wonderful memories.

We're pleased to announce that in the first half of 2021, our products have won more awards and distinctions. Thank you for your trust!

The first one is the Design Oscar – the RED DOT award!


In 2020, the winner was our NUBI stroller. The NUBI stroller was recognised for: its innovative folding system, compact size, ease of steering and unique, sleek lines. In 2021, our EVERYDAY 3-in-1 pushchair and GOSWIFT balance bike joined NUBI.

The EVERYDAY 3-in-1 pushchair  won the RED DOT AWARD 2021 in the "Babies and Children" category. It's a multi-functional pushchair designed for the needs of mobile parents. Its practical solutions and accessories for all types of weather combined with the easy steering and design are all things that parents love!

The GOSWIFT balance bike, similar to EVERYDAY, was the RED DOT 2021 winner in the "Babies and Children" category. It's a sports bike with dynamic lines and appealing colours. It has been designed for active children who love spending time outdoors. The durable and lightweight design, air-filled wheels and low frame mean both you and your little one will love GOSWIFT!

Kinderkraft GOSWIFT sports balance bike

Made For Mums

Made For Mums is run by a small group of journalists in Great Britain – parents with a mission to create the best independent website for mums, future mums and anyone who wants to start a family. Made For Mums uses the opinions of independent parents and guardians who oversee practical product testing carried out by their children. Four of our products appeared on the podium of this year's competition: UNIMO 2020, XMOOV 3-in-1, NESTE UP and ALL ROAD.

In the best rocker/bouncer category, our iconic UNIMO 2020 rocker-bouncer took second place. It was recognised for its multifunctionality, simple conversion between functions and compact size when folded. UNIMO 2020 was also applauded for its design and mobility by testing mothers from the UK.

Babywippe/Babyliege, Babybett und Wiege UNIMO 2020 von Kinderkraft

The next product that made the podium is our NESTE UP 2-in-1 co-sleeper cot, which came third. Mums loved it for its extensive adjustment possibilities, co-sleeper cot and independent cot functions, as well as the option of putting the mattress on an incline. They also enjoyed the cot's design and versatility at such a low price.

Beistellbett, Babybett NESTE UP von Kinderkraft

The next silver came in the multi-functional pushchair category and was awarded to XMOOV – our 3-in-1 pushchair. Parents loved its functionality at such an attractive price. Another product that gained recognition was the 2-in-1 seat, which in just a few moves changes from a carrycot into a stroller seat. The testers enjoyed the fact that they save a lot of space, and spoke positively about the deep hood and durable wheels with good shock absorption.

XMOOV 3 in 1-Kinderwagen von Kinderkraft

That's not all of our victories. The ALL ROAD stroller also came second in the stroller category. The testers liked not only the accessories, but also the quick and easy folding with one hand, and the large wheels with shock absorbers. They agreed that this is a good pushchair for active parents who love walks on all types of terrain.

ALL ROAD-Buggy von Kinderkraft 2021

That's not all – we have more surprises! Our EVERYDAY also won the parents' award of the 2021 edition of the competition. It's a pushchair that'll be with you from the birth of your child up to 22 kg. It's very easy to manoeuvre, which combined with the shock absorption and durable wheels results in a pushchair that's great for all types of terrain. The extensive accessories are noteworthy – thanks to these, EVERYDAY will accompany you to the beach, in the city, and on forest walks.

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We're very pleased with such huge recognition in competitions and all of the awards. But we're not taking our foot off the accelerator! We're constantly developing to be able to meet as many expectations of our customers and little testers as possible in 2021 :)

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