How to select a car seat appropriate to the child's age?

How to select a car seat appropriate to the child's age?

The issue of the selection of a baby car seat is often discussed in the media.

The issue of the selection of a baby car seat is often discussed in the media. As soon as an accident involving children occurs, a discussion about where we make a mistake and how to select a car seat reappears. It turns out that the most common cause of injuries in children is the incorrect installation and that the seat is not adjusted to the weight of the child. How then not to make a mistake and not to buy a wrong car seat for our kid?   

Weight/age groups 

The parameters of products such as a car seat or booster seat always include information on the group to which a given model belongs. This mainly indicates children to whom the product is dedicated. Groups are determined by weight.   

Group 0 − for newborns and infants weighing up to 10 kg, recommended for children up to approx. 9 months of age. They are mounted facing backwards. Many people consider them to be multifunctional, because they allow us to carry small children, and even can be installed on the pram frame. 

Group 0+ − for newborns and infants weighing up to 13 kg. The difference between group 0 and 0+ is that 0+ car seats are adjustable and can serve a child up to 18 months of age. 

Group 1 − from roughly 9 months of age to 4 years, weight limit from 9 kg to 18 kg. Usually seats in Group 1 can be mounted in the front- and rear-facing position. 

Group 2 − approx. from 18 months to approx. 4-6 years of age, weight class is 15 kg-25 kg. Products of this type are always mounted forward facing. 

Group 3 − for children up to 12 years of age whose weight is within the range 22 kg-36 kg. 

Combined group 1+2+3 − from 9 kg to 36 kg − a frequent choice of parents who want to buy one product for several years. It is designed so that over time we can remove subsequent components to provide the child with adequate levels of safety and comfort. 

Group 2+3 − that is, from 15 kg to 36 kg. It is also a popular choice, often found in stores. 

By buying the right car seat you warrant your child not only safety but also comfort while travelling. Your child will feel discomfort travelling in a seat that is too small. Remember this especially in the autumn and winter, when the toddler wears thicker clothes. Then the car seat housing may restrict his/her movements. If you choose too large a model, your child will move and, in case of an accident, will not be adequately protected. 

There are many other issues related to the selection of a good product, which we present in other articles. 



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