How can you design your child's room? Inspirations from Kinderkraft!

How can you design your child's room? Inspirations from Kinderkraft!

How can you design your child's room? Check out our inspirations and create a comfortable and safe space for your little one!

Many parents aren't sure how to design their child's room to make it safe and functional, while allowing your youngster to feel comfortable. For several years, interior design trends have been minimalistic but still kept children's references. Thanks to this, parents and children can enjoy beautiful interiors in toned colours. How can you design your child's room to make them feel safe, but to keep it in a children's style?

kinderkraft mia 2-in-1 cot

Functionality first

Your child's room should be functional. In practice, this means that it's worth dividing the space into several zones. If you want to create a room for years, you should think not only about your infant, but also what they'll need when they're a little older. A popular idea is breaking the child's room down to three zones:

  • ● sleep,
  • ● rest,
  • ● learning.

The room can be "divided" using invisible lines. These boundaries will allow your little one to feel better in the space, to have some quiet time and to maintain things neat and tidy.

Sleep zone

Most-important thing: a comfortable bed

The sleep zone needs a comfortable bed. A sturdy, comfortable and multi-functional cot with a good-quality mattress will help your child get the rest they need to function. Remember that infants sleep up to 20 hours a day!

We know that some children don't want to sleep in their own cots. If you're planning on buying a co-sleeper cot or want to sleep with your little one, organise the space to fit a bed for an older child that you'll buy when they're ready. A good solution is also a cot that transforms into a day bed for an older child – for example, the MIA cot or NICO cot. These types of beds will also be great if your child likes to frequently sleep with the parents – when they get older, the cot transforms into a day bed that your little one will love. Check out how to make night feeding easier with Kinderkraft co-sleeper cots.

kinderkraft lunky 2-in-1 cot

Second-most-important thing: source of light

The sleep zone should also include a lamp that's not too bright. Bedrooms and living areas do well with gentle yellow light. Make sure the lamp is good quality; it's also worth getting one with a dimming option. Some children are scared of the dark, and such a lamp in the shape of their favourite cartoon hero will help them overcome this fear.

Third-most-important thing: a place for reading

Don't forget about yourself! Why not buy a comfortable armchair, on which you can read your child to sleep. Make sure it has a seat wide enough to fit both you and your child in case they need to snuggle before sleep.

Play zone


The play zone will be where your child will spend the most time. Younger children will play well on the floor, so it's good to make sure that it's warm and soft. For example, the large MATTY reversible educational mat will not only let your little one have somewhere to play, but will also insulate them against the cold floor. On the other hand, the LUNO foam mat will suit smaller rooms and is available in two contrasting versions. Not only will it serve as a floor mat, but will also support the development of your little one, who in the first months of life notices only contrasting colours.

kinderkraft matty educational mat


Everyone knows that it's difficult to keep your child's room neat and tidy without the right furniture. A standard wardrobe or cabinet may not be enough – children always have lots of age-relevant toys and books. That's why we recommend the RACOON bookshelf with containers, which will help you maintain order in your little one's room. It'll hold not only books, but also lots of toys. If you need to take control of toys scattered around the room, you can buy the racoon toy chest. All pieces suit each other. They have timeless style and children's design, such as the racoon we mentioned earlier. They'll delight both you and your child.

kinderkraft racoon children's bookshelf with containers


Children like it when there's lots going on around them, and that's why it's worth making sure that there's a variety of toys in their room. Instead of trying to get as many as possible, why not pay more attention to quality and multi-functionality? Choose something that features several different products in one – buy one thing that'll last you for years! We recommend our TIPPY educational mat, which older children can also use as an Indian wigwam!

Learning zone

It's good to plan the learning zone right from the outset, or at least to know where it will be. For children who go to a nursery or pre-school, it's good to create a cosy corner for learning letters, numbers and drawing. A charming table or comfortable chair will not only make these activities more pleasant, but also help your child learn the correct desk posture.

It's also great to buy an adjustable chair that can be tailored to desks of different heights. An adjustable desk is also an interesting option. This type of furniture lasts for years and can be tailored to your child while looking out for their spine. We recommend the ENOCK high chair, which acts as a chair for feeding, playing and learning all the way up to your child reaching 10 years old.

kinderkraft enock 3-in-1 high chair

Enjoy aesthetics and children's style!

In the past, children's rooms were full of colour – red tables, green chairs, lots of plastic toys... Over a decade or so, this trend reversed completely, and until recently, we saw many rooms that looked like they'd been plucked out of a catalogue – full of white, grey and nothing else. We think that your child's room should have a balanced design: no cold, catalogue-like spaces, because then they lose their child-like charm. On the other hand, there's no need to go overboard and include all the colours of the rainbow in the room.

People love rooms in which timeless white is broken up using modern grey and child-like accents in a maximum of two colours. Sky blue, dark blue, dirty pink, or perhaps yellow? The choice is yours! Colourful additions are particularly beautiful – rugs, night lamps or a feature wall that will break up cold tones. Add to this several decorative pieces that suit the style (perhaps replace the handles on your child's wardrobe?) and... your room will be unrecognisable!

Wall or furniture stickers are also an interesting idea that steers the design towards children. The only limit is your own taste and imagination, as well as your child's preferences.

kinderkraft nico 2-in-1 cot

Don't be afraid of change!

There's nothing wrong with change, particularly when it comes to your child's room. Newborns have different needs to pre-schoolers, and so it's worth having a positive attitude to change. At some stage you may need to rearrange the furniture or repaint the walls, because your youngster is only just starting to develop their tastes and aesthetic senses. Don't forget that in the future when your child gets older, designing the room can be a wonderful joint adventure, in terms of choosing both furniture and wall colours, as well as lighting and accessories! Kinderkraft will be honoured to accompany you on this journey – we have lots of inspirations for functionally arranging your child's room, and heaps of accessories and children's furniture. We're always creating new furniture and accessories to make room design easy for you.

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