Big preparations − what to buy before a baby is born?

Big preparations − what to buy before a baby is born?

After learning that she carries new life, every mother completely changes the line of her thinking.

After learning that she carries new life, every mother completely changes the line of her thinking. From that point on, all decisions will have a huge impact on the health and development of the tiny family member. For this reason, already in the first weeks parents begin to assemble various components necessary to care for the little dot. However, entering the store with children's articles they are often faced with many beautifully designed products, which unfortunately later prove to be useless. Some of them should be bought for the baby after birth. However, there are elements of the layette which you need to buy before birth. So what must be in the child's room when the baby is brought home from hospital? Let's see what products according to experienced parents are the elementary gadgets in the first weeks of life of our little baby.

Travelling with baby 

Shortly after leaving the hospital the baby has his/her first trip, which is going home. Formerly parents assumed that the child will be the most secure in their arms. Unfortunately, such behaviour in the case of even the smallest bumps can lead to tragedy. For this reason, the issue of carrying children by car has been regulated by law, and today every toddler in the car should sit in the car seat.  The first step in choosing the best product is to check whether the selected model has robust features to secure the gentle little body in one position. So look at all the elements very carefully. The safety harness should be provided with special soft material that will not irritate the toddler. The best proofs of a good quality car seat are approvals obtained by the manufacturer. Each accessory for children that you want to buy must therefore comply with the relevant conditions. Read the package insert included with the product and see if your chosen model has been tested by qualified units. Institutions check all of the criteria, such as the content of harmful substances in fabric, strength, stability during collisions and the like.

Going for a walk 

Once you have chosen a car seat, it's time to think about the pram. Kinderkraft offers models that differ from each other in size or design. When you want to buy a particular product, or in addition to a basic pram over time you would like e.g. walk with your baby in the pushchair. Parents who are looking for comprehensive solutions are recommended to buy a set which includes: frame with special snaps, pram, pushchair, car seat and diaper bag. This combination will give you a guarantee that in the first weeks of life your baby will be able to travel with you anywhere, without the risk of damaging his/her delicate spine.  Many parents attach great importance to maintaining closeness with their baby. In this case, it is worth considering buying a baby carrier. With safe design, the carrier will allow you to hold the baby close to your body, leaving you the comfort of having your hands-free. It is also a great way to calm the baby − thanks to your closeness he/she feels the parent's warmth and smell.

When the night falls 

Each of us knows how important the place of sleep is. For this reason, prepare an appropriate crib for your baby. If you want to facilitate your daily activity, such as changing or lulling a child, consider an extended model equipped with a changing table and a carousel. This will greatly improve all important tasks which at first may be a little difficult for parents. 

Daily care 

In addition to vehicle and room equipment, we should also obtain the products of everyday use. Indispensable is a pack of tiny diapers, at best in several sizes, because sometimes the child's weight and height can surprise you despite advanced tests. Significant are also all care cosmetics for the delicate body. Natural powders and creams will help you protect the baby's skin from irritating external factors.  Buy a few pairs of rompers in different sizes. Newborns rather quickly get dirty, so you have to prepare for frequent dressing your baby.