Baby shower – how and when to organise it

Baby shower – how and when to organise it

A baby shower is quite an undertaking. How to organise one and – most importantly – what gifts are perfect for this occasion? We're here to tell you!

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is an American tradition that's rapidly becoming popular in other countries, including United Kingdom. This is more or less a party for a future mum: women share their joy in a friendly atmosphere surrounded by loved ones. And guests give gifts to the mum and the unborn baby.

A baby shower is also a great opportunity to learn things about how to raise a child, particularly if it's the mum's first baby. It's the perfect combination of completing the baby starter kit and meeting, usually, with a group of women. They share their experiences and give advice on how to deal with motherhood.

The baby shower may be organised by either the future mum, or her family or friends. It all depends on the type you choose. A baby shower is usually held in the second trimester of pregnancy, which is when the future mum feels a little better. Sometimes, this also coincides with the announcement of the child's gender. A baby shower can be held in many different forms.


A pregnant woman is laughing, standing at a table with other women

The most popular forms of baby showers:

  • a party for female friends and family – completing the baby starter kit, sharing experiences;
  • a party combined with the announcement of the child's gender;
  • a party towards the end of the pregnancy combined with completing the baby starter kit based on a wish list.
  • How to organise a baby shower

    Before you start organising a baby shower, think about the future mum – ideally, such a party won't have any alcohol. Also, don't hold the party at a SPA or any other place a pregnant woman shouldn't go to. Don't forget that it's the future mum who's the most important person on this day, and everyone else has to adapt to her.

    Remember this when planning games and snacks. Focus on quizzes, games and guessing games at home or hire a hall – don't do urban games or tiring outdoor events where there's no access to restrooms. Make sure the future mum is in a good mood and comfortable. Remember that her pregnant body reacts differently, so it's best to talk to her directly and ask what food and drinks she's avoiding, and what types of entertainment she prefers.

    A themed party is also an interesting idea. Cowboys? A retro party or one themed with a favourite movie? Or perhaps and series-style event? The only thing that limits you here is your imagination and the preferences of the future mum :)

    A happy woman covers her face smiling against a background of coloured smoke

    Baby shower – choosing a location

    In addition to the preferences, which we've already mentioned, make sure that the location you choose can easily fit the number of guests. It may turn out that a house party won't be a good solution, because you won't all fit.

    Use the right decorations – pastel balloons or themed decorations are ideal. You could also order a cake or torte, and make sure you provide all amenities needed by invitees. It may turn out that the future mum, who'll be the star of the show, is not the only pregnant person there.

    Lots of space and the right decorations are the key features of the perfect baby shower location. If you're going to a hall (e.g. in a hotel) outside of the city, you also need to provide transport. Avoid ocean themes (boat rides) and limousine trips – these types of attractions are interesting ideas for a hen party, not a baby shower.

    Instead, focus on toned colours – pastel pinks, blues, purples and greens. Red and yellow can be irritating or cause headaches or even nausea in pregnant women!

    What food to serve at a baby shower

    There's no one perfect way when it comes to choosing food for a baby shower. First, find out the guests' preferences. Perhaps they don't eat meat, or have food allergies, e.g. nuts? Make sure you take all this into account when preparing the menu.

    Instead, opt for healthy snacks, but don't go overboard – you probably won't have a great time if you're munching on raw celery all evening. You could combine classic hot chips and popcorn with cupcakes and sugar-free cake. Make sure that the shape of the snacks and dishes refers to the theme of the party. You can easily cut butter cookies into the shape of a pushchair, while the cake can be in a dummy theme.

    Don't forget that not all mums prefer such solutions – tailor the appearance of the food (and the food itself) to the preferences of the future mum and guests.

    Baby shower – what gift to buy

    When going to a baby shower, you must remember that this is first and foremost a party for the mum. Agree with other participants what you'll be buying to avoid getting the same gifts. Look for practicality (a nappy cake, clothes, bottles or toys), but also the needs of the mum! Don't just buy cosmetics – gifts that will make the mum's pregnancy more pleasant are also a great idea.

    Show her that you're thinking not only about the baby, but also about her. Jewellery, books, a mug or small simple gifts that will show her that she's still important are ideal. Unfortunately, people have a tendency to forget about the mum, particularly when the birth of the baby is approaching. Perhaps a hairdresser gift voucher with a long expiry date?

    For the baby, you can buy clothes in neutral colours (especially when you don't know the sex), as well as practical accessories that'll make life easier for the young mum. An interesting idea is an educational mat, which will provide mum with a moment of peace – TIPPY and 4SMART are both great options.

    A woman is sitting on an educational mat with two children, laughing, the kids are playing

    You don't know what mum's labour and the post-partum period will look like, but you can assume that she'll want to give her hands and back a rest from constantly carrying the baby. The HUGGY ergonomic carrier or LUMI rocker will be ideal! Or perhaps something multi-functional, such as a bouncer and high chair in one, such as LASTREE?

    Remember that the little one will have lots of clothes and toys ;) And unfortunately, the baby starter kit isn't cheap. You can take some of the load off of future parents by getting a group of people to chip in for, e.g. the NESTE UP co-sleeper cot, which they can also use as a normal cot. It all depends on what you agree on.

    Another interesting option is an electronic baby monitor – it'll come in particularly handy in the beginning, when the baby whimpers while they sleep. You could also buy a feeding pillow – even if the future mum won't be breastfeeding, such a pillow is great for sleeping.

    How to reveal the gender of the baby at a baby shower

    Some people want to do a gender reveal during the baby shower. And that's why you invite loved ones, such as mum, grandma, aunties and friends. The baby shower is usually organised in the second or third trimester, when the gender is already known.

    What gender reveal ideas are most popular?

  • A cake with a figurine of a girl or boy inside
  • A piñata with a piece of paper with the gender written on it
  • A balloon with pink or blue confetti inside
  • Cupcakes with filling in pink or blue – in such a way so that the guests eat them at the same time
  • A baby shower is a new tradition that's becoming increasingly popular in United Kingdom, so we hope that if you're organising such an event, our tips will help you plan the party. It's good to prepare the baby shower well and to ensure that the future mum is comfortable, because this is also one of the last opportunities she'll get to see all her friends before the baby is born.