“Alles Beste” testing the Kinderkraft MYWAY car seat

“Alles Beste” testing the Kinderkraft MYWAY car seat

Kinderkraft MYWAY - positively rated in tests of the independent German magazine "Alles Beste"

“Alles Beste” testing the Kinderkraft MYWAY car seat

German magazine, “Alles Beste” published the results of their car seat tests. Among the selected models, we have the MYWAY car seat from Kinderkraft with ISOFIX 0-36kg, RWF 0-18kg, receiving positive recommendations from parents and independent service experts.

12 car seats took part in this year's edition of the tests by the German “Alles Beste” experts. In addition to well-known brands such as Cybex, Joie and Britax, the list also includes MYWAY from Kinderkraft. The magazine editors who rated the products are a group of independent professionals, experienced in their field. They constantly monitor the market and talk to producers to provide a selection of the most interesting items. Therefore, we are all the more pleased with the positive opinion obtained by the Kinderkraft MYWAY car seat.

In this edition, test participants checked the practicality of car seats, paying attention to the functionality and quality of products. Kinderkraft MYWAY is designed for the rearward-facing (RWF) transport of children - RWF from 0 to 18 kg, and forward-facing up to 36 kg, with ISOFIX fitting and TOP TETHER belt.

“Alles Beste” testing the Kinderkraft MYWAY car seat

Experts noted the 3 correct installation indicators, which significantly affect the safety of children. In the Kinderkraft MYWAY car seat, the system of indicators allows for control of the ISOFIX attachment, the tension of the TOP TETHER belt and the child’s protection with internal belts. Another big advantage recognised by parents was the possibility to easily put the seat in a lying position with one hand, as well as the Anti-Slippery system. Soft belt pads and the step protector ensure comfortable travel and the child's safety - they always stay in place thanks to the Anti-Slippery system!

“Alles Beste” testing the Kinderkraft MYWAY car seat

All Kinderkraft car seats are high quality products and undergo rigorous crash tests at the renowned Dutch TASS INTERNATIONAL institute. Even after they have been placed on the market, they are subjected to further, multi-stage inspections. The products are manufactured in accordance with European technical requirements, and their production standards are confirmed by the European safety certificate ECE R44.04 Child safety is a priority for the brand, which is why Kinderkraft, upon the purchase of the car seat, also offers free participation in the programme named SAFE CAR SEAT PROGRAM. In the event of a collision or accident, which, as research shows, can cause damage to the seat, users can replace it with a new one.



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