Active parents − how not to be limited by a pushchair?

Active parents − how not to be limited by a pushchair?

More and more people are choosing to lead a more active lifestyle.

The most important advantages of carriers

Every parent is able to mention at least a few places where moving with the child in a stroller is extremely difficult or even impossible. High stairs are a very big obstacle for mums. On the other hand, most fathers bother doing shopping with a stroller. It turns out that a baby carrier can solve these and other problems with the restriction of freedom of movement.  First, choose the carrier to ensure that your hands remain free all the time. So you can take care of the baby while freely carrying a shopping cart, drinking coffee or even walking the dog.  Second, a baby carrier is also good for walks and hikes, also in the mountains. Who says we have to give up our passion after the birth of a new family member? Travelling with babies is extremely pleasant − provided that we have the right equipment. Although trails are not always very steep, walking with a pushchair seems to be a big feat, mainly causing anxiety and stress. Do not do it neither to yourself, nor to your baby for whom the fact of leaving home is a big thing.  Thirdly, babies often feel safer in the carrier and more comfortable than in a pram. They are then very close to the parent and feel his/her heartbeat. What's more, in the carrier your child takes the frog position, so the baby's legs are wide apart. It supports proper development to the hip joints.   

Carriers − things to remember 

Although carriers have many advantages, finding a suitable model requires spending a lot of time searching. Buying too rigid or too narrow model can result in improper child development (having a lot of health consequences in adulthood).  You should also remember to carry a little man always with “his/her back to the world.” Placing a child in the opposite direction will cause, among others, overextension of the back and the lack of adequate support for the head. This should be avoided especially in newborns. Newborn babies have reduced tension within the muscles of the back and neck.  Carrying them “facing the world” can also cause the so-called over-stimulation. Your baby is exposed to noise and the view of the surrounding crowd. It might make him/her feel anxious. Some children experiencing multiple stimuli at once get tired quickly, because they are not yet able to filter all the information and events they are watching.   

Is a stroller still needed? 

Increasingly, parents decide to live without a stroller. As you can see, buying a baby carrier can help us in staying active. This does not mean, however, that you must completely abandon the pram − in many cases it is necessary. It can be useful, e.g. when we need to take more stuff than usual. It will be much easier for us to pack them in a bag integrated with the stroller than a separate case.  A lot may depend on your preferences. A carrier can relieve the spine, which is important for parents struggling with health problems. Most commercially available models can be freely adjusted to better fit to our bodies. A carrier makes it easier not only to get out of the house, but also to feed and care for our older children. Despite this, a stroller is still counted among the basic equipment in the baby layette.