The FREEDOM collection by Kinderkraft

The FREEDOM collection by Kinderkraft

Freedom, comfort and safety – the FREEDOM collection by Kinderkraft

The proprietary FREEDOM collection is inspired by summer flights by kingfishers and the latest colour trends. It has been created from scratch by our designers who have a real passion for what they do. FREEDOM products will let you give your child the absolute best both at home and when out and about. The collection immediately brings to mind peace, elegance and a feeling of safety – and that's exactly what it is! The products combine high-quality materials and modern solutions that are both safe and practical. All this comes in a unique, original design in line with 2020 trends.

Kinderkraft FREEDOM

Pantone – the colours of 2020 and 2019

The collection was inspired not only by wanting to have summer all year – the two main pillars were the colours chosen by Pantone as the colours of 2019 and 2020. The third pillar was kingfishers, which combine both these colours and symbolise being in touch with nature, love and parenthood.


When looking at the FREEDOM collection, it's impossible not to see flowers and adorable kingfishers. Their beautiful feathers stand out from those of other birds – they look very exotic, yet we can enjoy their beauty almost everywhere in the world. Interestingly, kingfishers don't actually have azure or blue feathers – their pigment causes light to refract. So, kingfisher feathers are a prism. This is how these birds enchant us with flashes of emerald, sapphire, azure and aquamarine. Their colours are a perfect match for the colour trends seen in 2019 and 2020.

Kingfishers are caring and sedentary birds. The symbolise affection, stability and family – a Greek myth tells about their care for their other half, which is unprecedented in the world of birds. At the same time, they are a symbol of freedom: young chicks set off on sky-high travels all over the world, but always return to their family nests in the end.

When creating the FREEDOM collection, we were inspired by not only the beautiful colours of our paradise kingfishers, but also their family disposition, caring nature and, above all, the freedom they symbolise.

Classic Blue

Classic blue is timeless, lasting and elegant in its simplicity. Various shades of blue are very versatile, and have a calming and inspiring effect. Classic Blue is associated with stability and reliability. We made it a little milder by focusing on Bleached Coral. The pale, blue coral fits perfectly with the latest colour trends, and is the ideal match for the colour of 2019 – Living Coral. Bleached Coral is delicate and gentle – it brings to mind understanding, warmth and safety, while inspiring and stimulating people to action.

Kinderkraft FREEDOM

Living Coral

In 2019 the colour of the year was Living Coral – a vibrant yet mild colour. It brings to mind warmth, comfort and stability in a constantly changing environment. This shade is friendly and capturing – the vibrant Living Coral is welcoming and encourages activity and movement. It's associated with intimacy, creating bonds, and safety, as well as free expression and optimism – exactly what Kinderkraft wants to give to parents in its products.

The combination of these two colours makes the entire FREEDOM collection soothing, bringing a feeling of peace into your life and space, and helping you collect your thoughts.

Kinderkraft FREEDOM

2020 summer trends

In the summer of 2020, watercolours, organic shapes, cosy spaces and soft materials dominated the visual space. Natural fabrics imitating washed tones go perfectly with delicate shades of blue and pink, and combined with the modularity and functionality of Kinderkraft products, the FREEDOM collection is a bullseye.

Our products meet safety requirements while being comfortable for both the parents and the child. The FREEDOM collection shows that combining key values with original, proprietary design solutions brings about an amazing result. Thanks to Kinderkraft, parents can have peace of mind when exploring the world with their child, wherever the adventure may take them.

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NUBI stroller

This is a lightweight and easy-to-manoeuvre stroller that you can take anywhere – on a long trip or short walk. NUBI is easy to fold to a compact size, and easily fits into luggage compartments. It's ideal for both sunny days and evening walks in autumn: the large hood is made of waterproof UPF50+ fabric. Does your child like to nap in fresh air? That's great! NUBI has the option of folding the backrest to the lie-flat position, and the adjustable footrest will make the sleeping space even more comfortable. Another advantage is the guard rail in the shape of the letter "T": the stroller can be folded without removing it, and the guard rail makes it easy to take your child out of and put them into the stroller. NUBI has won one of the most-prestigious awards in the world in the industrial design category – the RED DOT AWARD 2020. The "Design Oscar" has been awarded every year for over 60 years by a jury made up of world experts recognising products that combine high quality, design and functionality.

EVERYDAY 3-in-1 pushchair

The multi-functional EVERYDAY pushchair is ideal for both everyday walks and trips on hard roads away from the city. It features adjustable shock absorbers on all four wheels, and your child will be even more comfortable thanks to the backrest that folds out to the lie-flat position and the adjustable footrest. The large shopping basket will fit all accessories you need on your walk, such as nappies, blanket, toys, bottles and extra dummies. EVERYDAY is equipped with additional accessories that simplify outings, whether it be a walk around a lake or a trip to the countryside.

EVOLUTION COCOON 3-in-1 pushchair

EVOLUTION COCOON is a pushchair for parents who value practical solutions. The backrest folds out flat and the soft carrycot attaches to it. This Multi-functional pushchair has an extendable hood made of waterproof UPF50+ fabric, which means the weather won't stop you from taking a walk! In addition, your steering comfort is increased by the convenient telescopic handle that's easy to adjust to your height. The large rubber wheels with shock absorbers make EVOLUTION COCOON a perfect choice for both asphalt and paved roads. It's easy to manoeuvre and steer.

GRANDE LX stroller

This stroller is ideal for all weather and terrain. This is thanks to the four premium rubber tyres with improved shock absorption, which are great even on uneven surfaces. The smooth backrest adjustment to the lie-flat position and four-point footrest create a comfortable space to ride and nap in fresh air. In addition, the large, extendable hood made of waterproof UPF50+ fabric will protect your child against the sun and drizzling rain. The pushchair can be folded in one quick move with the seat – it's perfect for trips by car or train.

ALL ROAD stroller

ALL ROAD is a stroller for special tasks – it's ideal for both difficult city conditions and when you're away from the hustle and bustle. Its biggest advantage is the strong, stable design and four rubber wheels with shock absorbers allowing you to move around on rough terrain. The ALL ROAD stroller is comfortable and safe for your child, and easy to steer for parents. You can easily take it with you on all family outings! An additional benefit is the option of affixing the seat facing towards or away from the direction of travel and the adjustable handle, thanks to which you can easily adjust the stroller to your height.

EASYTWIST tricycle

This lightweight tricycle combines child development benefits with parents' convenience. The modular design enables it to be adapted to the child's age and skills. Individual elements can be disassembled without using tools. In addition, EASYTWIST features a seat that swivels 360 degrees – this trike can be ridden facing towards or away from the parent. It's suitable for children from approximately nine months to five years. At the beginning, your child will ride facing away from the direction of travel, and when they gain confidence, you can easily turn the seat to face forwards. The next stages are removing the guard rail, hood and, at the end, the adjustable parent handle. This tricycle is equipped with a series of safety features that will look after your child during every ride. It also has a drawstring bag, which allows you to always have all your accessories with you.

HUGGY ergonomic carrier

The HUGGY ergonomic carrier is comfort and safety in one product. It ensures that even a three-month-old child can be snug while being worn, and the parents can be comfortable while carrying their child. HUGGY's safety is confirmed by the IHDI certificate: this means that the child can adopt the optimal position for proper hip development (the letter "M"). The extensive adjustment options and two carrying positions allow you to tailor the carrier to the child's age, and the pocket for small items on the waist and special system of elastics help adjust the carrier to the height of the parent. HUGGY also has a hood at the back, which will protect your child against rain on walks.

MOLLY pushchair backpack

Functional, roomy, versatile – this makes the MOLLY pushchair backpack stand out. It has 14 practical pockets, which make outings with your youngster much easier. In addition to the standard pocket at the front and main compartment, there are also additional pockets, such as one for wet clothing and a special one for wet wipes. The backpack also features an in-built key lanyard, as well as a thermo-pocket for your child's meals. MOLLY will prevent surprises on your walks! You can fit everything you need for your child, such as bottles, nappies, toys and a spare blanket. It has special hooks that can be used to attach it to the pushchair handle.


Do you want to have all your child's accessories with you? The spacious and large MOMMY BAG is just the thing you need! It'll easily fit wet wipes, a spare dummy, favourite toy and book for mum. Its FREEDOM collection design means that it'll be a really nice accessory for every mum – both on walks and when shopping.