Joanna Krupa x Kinderkraft

Joanna Krupa

is an ambassador of the Kinderkraft brand!

Joanna Krupa, a model and a popular TV personality, became a mother recently. She wanted to make sure that her daughter would have all the best there is, thus she decided to trust the Kinderkraft brand.

Now when I’m a mother, I want to ensure that my little baby girl has safety and many beautiful memories, just as I had when I was a child. As she herself has emphasised, every mother should be able to afford to buy products that are nice and of good quality, but, above all, safe for her child.


- Pushchair 3 in 1 -

PRIME combines 3 functions in 1 pushchair. In the set there is a car seat MINK, deep, comfortable bassinet and manoeuvrable and lightweight stroller.

- Baby Cot 4 in1 -

SOFI has 4 functions in 1: baby cot, rocking cradle, playpen and travel cot. Thanks to the option of placing the mattress on 2 levels, it can be used by children soon after birth until 3 years of age.

- Bouncy chair -

Stylish bouncy chair with rocker function. Intended for children from birth up to a weight of 9 kg.

- Bouncer 5 w 1 -

Grows together with your child From the first days of your child, the product is a crib, cradle, bouncer, rocker and a chair.

- Educational mat -

A large mat interactive with playpen function provides the child with fun and safety.

- Stroller -

Stylish and comfortable stroller with excellent shock-absorbance.Refined in every detail, more comfort for even the toughest terrain.