A pusher bike, tricycle and mini balance bike

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  • Durable, lightweight aluminium frame
  • Quickly changes between functions without the use of tools
  • Folds down to a compact size

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Ideal for learning to ride a bike

4TRIKE is a tricycle with pedals that transforms into a pusher bike and mini balance bike! Help your child perfect their motor and balancing skills, and encourage physical activity from a young age. Playtime together outdoors or indoors is unforgettable.

Kinderkraft 4Trike

3-in-1 tricycle

4TRIKE is a tricycle with pedals that transforms into a pusher bike for young children and a mini balance bike. It's very easy to change between functions, and you don't need any tools – it's just a few quick moves. You can transform 4TRIKE from a balance bike into a three-wheeler in just several seconds.

Kinderkraft 4Trike

It folds and is compact

4TRIKE folds down to a compact size. It's easy to store, and because it's lightweight, taking it on trips is a breeze. It'll fit into your boot, and you can also put it into your pushchair basket on walks. At home, it stores easily in your wardrobe.

Kinderkraft 4Trike

Soft, adjustable seat

The seat is soft, profiled and ergonomic to keep your youngster comfortable. Even longer bike trips will be pleasant, because the seat will make sure your child remains comfortable. Your little one will love this bike, and you'll enjoy the option of adjusting and tailoring it to your child. The seat has two bars that together allow 4 cm of adjustment.

Kinderkraft 4Trike

Solid foam tyres

The solid tyres without any spokes are lightweight and safe for your little discoverer. The wheels are made of puncture-resistant foam that's also resistant to abrasion. Whether it's wet asphalt or a forest path, 4TRIKE will meet any challenge! And if it rains, you can use it indoors – the wheels won't scratch your floor.

Kinderkraft 4Trike

Limited handlebar turning

Learning to ride a bike isn't easy. Overcome by emotions, an inexperienced cyclist may get distracted and turn too much. That's why 4TRIKE has limited handlebar turning, which prevents sudden turning and the resulting loss of balance. Your youngster can safely learn how to ride a bike.

Kinderkraft 4Trike

Detachable pedals

We know well that it's easy to lose small elements around children. That's why in the 4TRIKE tricycle, the detachable pedals (to transform it into a balance bike or pusher bike) can be stored under the seat. No more looking for parts in your handbag and pockets – everything stays with the bike!

Kinderkraft 4Trike

Handlebar carry handle

Small children love nature, and they also like changing their mind as to how walks should happen. 4TRIKE is designed for these types of situations – it's lightweight (weighs approximately 4 kg), and for greater parent comfort, you can carry it using the special handle on the handlebar.

Kinderkraft 4Trike

Non-slip handles

A strong and firm grip on the handlebar is a must – that's why 4TRIKE's handlebar features special non-slip capping that strengthen the grip of little hands. Your youngster will feel confident on their new trike.

Kinderkraft 4Trike

Rounded edges

4TRIKE has no protruding elements, and all the edges are rounded. This increases safety during bike playtime.


Handlebar finished in TPU

The handlebar is pleasant to the touch and non-slip

Lightweight aluminium

The frame is made of durable, lightweight aluminium

Puncture-resistant EVA foam

The wheels have no spokes and are made of EVA foam that's resistant to puncture and abrasion


  • Brand: Kinderkraft
  • Model: 4TRIKE
  • Unfolded bike dimensions: Length: 88,5 cm,
    Height: 50 cm,
    Width: 43 cm.
  • Folded bike dimensions: Width: 43 cm,
    Height: 47,5 cm,
    Dept:: 34 cm.
  • Wheels (diameter): Rear: 17 cm,
    Front: 21 cm.
  • Bike weight: 4,2 kg
  • Maximum age: 5.5 years
  • Maximum weight: 25 kg
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